HealthSPORT mckinleyville reopening

McKinleyville Grand Re-Opening

Saturday June 23rd | 11am-3pm

Countdown to the celebration

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Get Ready to Party

McKinleyville Grand Re-Opening

Saturday June 23rd
11am – 3pm

We have fun for the whole family planned for our June 23rd Grand Re-Opening celebration. Eat, dance, explore, play games, & win prizes. We hope you take this chance to join us for a day of fun, fitness, and celebration! Everyone is welcome, so be sure to tell a friend.

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LIVE Music

Come dance to The No Good Redwood Ramblers

Beer & Wine Garden

Enjoy a variety of brews & wines from Six Rivers Brewery, Eureka Natural Foods, & Septentrio Winery.

Explore & Discover

Tour our BRAND NEW 24/7 facility & be among the first to learn about our cutting edge fitness technology.


Come see what Terrance the giant kettlebell is all about & get your picture taken with this legendary being

Win Prizes

What’s a celebration without prizes? Come spin the wheel & enter for the chance to win BIG. We’re giving away a brand new bike from Pacific Outfitters!

Dunk Tank

The perfect chance to get back at your trainer for all of those burpees…All proceeds go toward Out of the Darkness Walk (part of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention).

What’s Going on in McKinleyville?

Bigger, Better, Badder

We’ve been making big changes! We heard requests from you, our Members, so we’ve made some facility renovations in order to better serve you and McKinleyville. These changes include a new building with 24-hour access, as well as updates to our original building like saunas, and an expanded training area.

In addition, we’ve been looking for ways to provide more personalization to your workout experience and fitness, and we’ve found an opportunity to do so through technology. Our new HIIT Camp heart rate monitoring system will allow you to see and better understand the relationship between your efforts and outcomes.

We believe these new offerings will create a more meaningful and engaging fitness experience for you. Let’s explore what’s new.

What’s New

24-hour Access

Our Members and future members will be happy to hear about our new 24/7 facility. This brand new building allows 24/7 access through a secure card system, and its spacious interior provides a truly elevated fitness experience. It will include all the amenities that we offer now – weights, cardio equipment, and open space for stretching and floor exercises. A wall of windows to the west provides a lush forest view to enjoy while you’re working out.

Of course, we love our original space and will be continuing to use it as we were, in addition to a few new updates. 

More Space for Small Group Training

With the addition of the new facility, we’ll be able to provide space for our trainers to work with you and help you really break a sweat. The cardio rooms, and group fitness rooms that our Members already know and love will still deliver the quality classes you love with more being added every month.

As part of our personal training and small group training expansion, we’ll even be converting one of our fitness rooms into a dedicated space for new, speciality sessions and individualized training areas for 20 and 30 min HIIT workouts. In addition to our expanding HSPFit program we will be introducing our HIIT Camps and the tracking and results that go with that.


More Fun


New Saunas

We found a place for saunas,  a place to soothe and rejuvenate – the heat can help blood vessels relax and dilate, increasing blood flow which can help relieve sore muscles and reduce joint tension. We’ve added saunas to the locker rooms in our original facility, so that our Members can relax after a hard workout, or even just pop in if they need some stress-relief during the day!  Leave HealthSPORT feeling even more invigorated after a session in our new saunas.

Personalization & Technology

Perhaps the most exciting change is our incorporation of technology and personalization to individual goals. Personalization is essential in fitness – every physical body is different, and everyone has different health and fitness objectives. Technology can help us personalize our fitness experience to meet you where you are in your health journey, and better help you get where you want to be. For example, it’s well-known the key to effective cardio is by reaching – and staying at – your personal target heart rate (i.e. 80% above one’s maximum heart rate).

However, when we’re working out, how do we know if we’re hitting this? How do we know if our workout is actually effective? Further, as our bodies change and transform with exercise and age, our heart rate will change with it. It’s important to know where you are in order to know how to move forward, and our new HIIT Camp Heart Rate Monitoring system can show us just that.

HIIT Camp Heart Rate Monitoring

HIIT (high intensity-interval training) is a mixture of brief, high-intensity surges of cardio exercise, followed by equal (or longer) periods of rest. The critical element of HIIT is pushing one’s personal heart rate above 80% of its maximum heart rate, which can be achieved by a wide range of cardio activity. Our HIIT Camp heart rate monitors can provide the most accurate assessment of how your body is responding to exercise – it will provide feedback on your workout-in-progress and can provide comparisons to past workouts. Being able to visually see your own data can help you identify patterns and determine where you may need to make some adjustments in your fitness routine.    

If you opt for a personal coach, the trainer will customize each workout to reach your personal heart rate goal.  With this information, they’ll be able to direct the session to not only get you in the target heart zone, but keep you there. Our coaches will listen to what you want to achieve and will guide you on the best path to get there.  

HIIT Camp will also allow you to access your progress at home or on your smartphone. You can opt-in to receive daily, monthly, and/or annual emails summarizing your workouts and heart rate patterns. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can be confident that you’re still taking care of your health, and you’ll have the data to back it up.

Information is power, and personalized data can give us more control over how we approach exercise, while making our individual workouts more meaningful. This knowledge can help us  prevent the dreaded weight-loss or fitness plateau that can be frustrating for those working on long-term goals.

This is your body, your health, your fitness club. We are here to help you on your journey, and we hope that by providing you the tools, technology, and guidance you need, you will be more empowered and equipped to reach your goals.

All our changes are dedicated to one thing – helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.