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out dated fitness

Old habits (or in this case, old ways of thinking), die hard. Science and health developments have made leaps and bounds in just the past few years! Some of the info we’ve been taught may not line up with what modern scientists have proven to be true. Let’s get a little update.

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Here Are 2 Common Facts About Health to Unlearn:

1) If you want to lose weight fast, toss the sugar and find a sweetener you like.

Cutting out sugar isn’t an automatic way to lose weight. Ditching sugar and switching to sweeteners or using fruit to satiate your sweet tooth can lead to both overeating and increased cravings for sweet foods. This, in turn, can lead to an excess of calories that end up being stored as fat. Studies focusing on neurobiology and weight show that eating foods with artificial sweeteners in order to lose pounds frequently results in weight gain. Researchers say any sweet food- whether it is made sweet by cane sugar, fructose or other sweeteners (artificial or not) trigger your appetite causing you to eat more calories.


2) You should follow the Food Pyramid, or the updated My Plate program, for good nutrition and to maintain a healthy weight.

Like generalized fitness tests, government guidelines give youngsters a foundation when it comes to understanding basic nutrition, choice, and balance. However, as an adult, your nutritional choices need to reflect your well-informed personal nutrition plan, not necessarily a My Plate graphic. Your plate of food should cater to your specific needs. Sometimes food allergies develop later in life and will force you to remake your plate. Rising cholesterol levels, changes in blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Celiac Disease, joint issues and other changes in your health status might necessitate tossing the government’s suggested plate and customizing a food plan to maintain energy levels, meet nutrient needs and maintain a healthy weight.



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