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Our Philosophy

HealthSPORT Swim School takes its role in your child’s life very seriously. We view our pool and our lessons as extensions of your child’s classroom. Starting at 6 months of age, our students will not only discover a love for the water, but they will also learn skills that boost their self-esteem and athleticism outside of the pool.

Swimming is a rite of passage and an important life skill for your child. Learning to swim is also extremely beneficial to your child’s physical, emotional and social development. Our team of highly trained instructors will guide your swimmer through the necessary fundamentals to achieve a higher level of water safety and confidence. Using games, toys and songs, our lessons introduce students to all of the swimming drills in an engaging and positive manner.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on a nationally recognized program that has proven successful for tens of thousands of children around the country. Over the years we have fine-tuned our classes to meet the unique needs of our student body here in Humboldt County. Our curriculum focuses on progressive swim skills, fun and safety.


There is a natural progression to learning to swim but many schools approach their lessons with a “one size fits all” attitude. At HealthSPORT we match our teaching techniques with where a child is developmentally, and we always take age and skill level into consideration. Our levels are like building blocks – the skills learned in the previous level lay the foundation for the next. We constantly assess our swimmers to make sure they are hitting level specific benchmarks and class goals.

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HealthSPORT takes safety seriously and it is always our number one consideration. There is no such thing as being water safe and swim lessons should never replace constant adult supervision. However, swim lessons are one component to keeping your child “water safer.” Studies show that swim lessons can decrease the risk of drowning by 88%! Consistent practice helps children achieve comfort and confidence around water – which are two essential factors in being “water safer.”


We guide our students through safety drills and games every class. The goal is to create muscle memory so that our swimmers do not have to think when they have a water scare, they just react! These safety practices are included in every level of our curriculum. We also host Safety Week every few months where the entire week is dedicated to water safety education.


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Our Programs

Private Swim Lessons

At HealthSPORT, our private one-on-one swim lessons cater to all levels, from babies to triathlon trainers. We prioritize introducing babies to the water early, creating a playful and safe environment to build water confidence. Our experienced instructors offer personalized attention for every swimmer, focusing on foundational skills, water familiarity, and advanced techniques. Whether starting with your baby’s first splash or refining strokes for a triathlon, our private lessons provide tailored guidance and celebrate every stage of the swimming journey. Join us for a supportive and enjoyable experience, nurturing a lifelong love for swimming at HealthSPORT.

Group Swim Lessons

Discover the joy of swimming together with HealthSPORT’s Group Swim Program! Whether you’re a novice looking to make a splash or a seasoned swimmer aiming to refine your strokes, our program offers a dynamic group setting for swimmers of all levels. Dive into the fun and camaraderie as our experienced instructors lead you through the aquatic journey, tailoring lessons to the Puffs, Turtles, and Sharks levels. Join fellow swimmers, share the excitement, and progress through each stage with confidence. No matter your skill level, HealthSPORT’s Group Swim Program is here to make waves and enhance your swimming experience as part of a supportive aquatic community.”

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