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Couples do all sorts of things together. They go out to dinner, to the movies, shopping, on vacations, to concerts, the list goes on and on. Naturally, when you’re in a romantic relationship you’re always looking for fun things to do with your significant other.
How about exercising together? Would a couples exercise program be good for your relationship? Studies show that it’s healthy to exercise together.

4 Benefits of a Couples Exercise Program

1) Accountability

Everyone has days when they struggle to get to the gym. Hiring a personal trainer can keep you on track. If you miss your scheduled workout, you’re definitely going to hear about it from them. But even a PT may not be able to get you off your couch if you’ve decided to stay put.
However, nothing beats having your better half hold you accountable. There’s something about seeing him or her standing at the door all ready to go, gym bag in hand, that’s incredibly motivating. They’re counting on you to be their workout partner. Chances are they’re not going to take to kindly to you messing up their workout.

2) Teamwork

There’s nothing better than seeing a team develop a plan, then execute on that plan with precision. Great teams support each other. They pick up the slack for each other, encourage one another, and work hard to accomplish a common goal.
Starting a workout program, making healthier lifestyle choices, and staying the course for the long haul takes commitment. Why not team up with your partner and do it together? You can support each other, encourage one another, and work together to reach your fitness goals.

3) Healthy Competition

A competitive spirit can have a positive effect on couples who are committed to getting fit together. Couples have reported exercising with greater intensity when their partner is present. It’s hard to make yourself put in the extra repetition or two when you’re exercising all alone.
A healthy, competitive spirit is also reflected in other areas too. When one partner decides to swear off unhealthy habits, the other one tends to follow along with the new program. Both benefit from keeping up with their partner’s dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

4) Physiological Arousal

Yup, that’s right! There is physiological arousal that happens when you and your partner engage in physical exercise together. It could be strength training exercises in the gym, going for a run, a challenging bike ride, playing sports, etc. When exercising together, couples have expressed feeling more connected, even falling deeper in love with their partner.
Exercise mimics romantic attraction. A glistening face and body; the shortness of breath; the increased heart rate; all boost romantic attractiveness. Couples that start exercising together enjoy experiencing this new aspect of their relationship, thereby strengthening their bond even further.

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