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The 2019 HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Below is the amazing transformation story of our runner ups, Kathy Jauernig, Debi King, Randi Larkin, and Jeremy Shaffer.


Check Out Kathy Jauernig’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

As someone who never went to the gym, I joined HealthSport about a week prior to the start of this challenge because I was recovering from being tossed over a car. During this challenge, I had a family member pass due to an accident, and at one point I hyperextended my knee.

I realized that no matter what life threw at me, I needed to take care of my body first. I adapted my workouts, and exercised thru it all. I continue to see results, with my clothes getting bigger on me, and feeling healthier.

I look forward to continuing on the path this challenge has put me on, and getting stronger and healthier each day!




Check Out Debi King’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

I was injured badly when I was 32. I have had several surgeries to correct the mess it made of my insides. I have been so afraid of re-injuring myself that I quarantined myself from many activities that I wanted and really could have done. The HealthSPORT challenge has helped me see that with just a few modifications, I can do so much more than I thought possible.

I have lost weight and inches, but more than that, I have gained a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Check Out Randi Larkin’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

So I joined the Weight Loss Challenge for one very superficial reason; to look good on the outside. I thought that I would join and go to 3-4 classes a week and at the end I would magically lose the 20 pounds I wanted to. To say that this has been a complete lifestyle change is an understatement.

I have never before looked forward to working out more in my life than I do now. This physical journey has shown me how strong I can be and makes me want to continue to get stronger and push myself past limits I didn’t think that I could ever get past. But the mental journey here has been what has changed my life the most. I realized that doing this challenge to “simply look good on the outside” is thinking too small and way to superficial. I came to the realization that this all starts with how you see yourself on the inside and that’s the area that I needed the most work.

I have learned to love myself at all stages of life and all stages that my body goes through. I don’t go to the gym with the intention of “losing weight”;

I go to feel the satisfaction that comes with giving my all to something.

This feeling of confidence, self-love and the drive to work hard is a precious gift and I’m so grateful to be part of this experience. The friendships that I have formed through this program have been an unexpected bonus.

Working hard with people day in and day out you become family and to witness their personal journey and accomplishments is so special. The time and energy the trainers have given not only me but all of the participants in each class is really special. You have a group of trainers that love their job and really care about their clients. I’m so lucky to have found this group of people to work hard with and push me to and past my limits. Thank you for the opportunity to become a better version of myself through hard work and dedication.


Check Out Jeremy Shaffer’s Weight Loss Challenge Story:

I reached a point in my life where everyday things were getting difficult. Tying my shoes, bathing, getting in and out of my truck and so on. I knew what I needed to do but needed to take the steps.

Healthsport’s staff(especially Angie)and members without a doubt helped me keep moving up those steps. I learned proper techniques, new exercises and became familiar with all the equipment. But what really got me to where I am today was believing in myself as much as you all believed in me.

I can’t wait to continue my journey with all I have learned in this competition. My fight every day is to re-write a healthy future. Pound by pound.

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