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best time to workoutThe Best Time to Workout for Busy People

We get it, we all run busy lives. Our schedules are jam-packed 24/7 and we’re juggling more priorities than ever before. But if we want to lose weight, strengthen our bodies, or improve our fitness levels, it starts with turning exercise into a non-negotiable priority. 


Because when we make the time versus trying to find the time, we turn exercise into an enjoyable habit that benefits multiple aspects of our lives.


But how on earth do busy people stick to a workout routine that actually works? For many of us, taking the time to leave our desks for lunch is a hurdle (let alone sweating it out at the gym on a regular basis).


The good news? It’s totally possible to fit in a daily or consistent workout session. How? It starts with trial and error, persistence, and doing whatever it takes to shift your schedule.


Since we’re always looking to enhance our services at HealthSPORT, we’re excited to introduce our new 24/7 access card system at our Fortuna location. From college students, busy parents, and health care professionals, to shift workers or those who prefer to exercise off-hours in a quieter setting, our new access system gives you the freedom to workout on your own time, morning or night.


So have you figured out the best time to workout yet? Is there even a best time to exercise? The simple answer: it’s different for everyone and depends on your lifestyle. But if a busy schedule is one of the biggest reasons holding you back, then consider this:


Exercise first thing in the morning.


Contrary to popular opinion, it’s easier to commit to a quick morning workout than you might think. Here are six reasons why mornings are the best time to exercise for those with busy schedules.


  1. Rise Early, Accomplish More


When you exercise first thing in the morning, you scratch this off your to-do list right away. If you know you have a long day ahead, you don’t need to stress over whether or not you’ll make it to that post-work CrossFit class.


Life happens and as the day progresses, the opportunity to exercise can get derailed by other situations. Too tired to go to the gym because of that long meeting? Joining your colleagues after work for drinks instead? These are easy excuses to make for not heading to the gym at the end of the day. By kickstarting your day with a workout, you ride the endorphin high and gain a sense of accomplishment knowing you got something off your plate.


When you want to make your fitness a bigger part of your life, staying consistent and developing a routine is key. Research shows that those who workout in the morning have a higher chance of making exercise a habit since they don’t let lack of time or other events stand in the way.


  1. Fewer Interruptions


There’s nothing worse than showing up at the gym (with all the motivation and energy in the world) and realizing that all the exercise machines are taken. Or the class you want to take is full.


But when you exercise in the morning, you’re far less likely to encounter a full gym or group class compared to if you went in the evening.


Another huge benefit to working out in the morning? Fewer distractions. Think about it. You can workout before responding to emails, going to work meetings, or dealing with unexpected tasks. 


  1. Higher Productivity Levels 


A consistent morning routine can make all the difference to how the rest of your day unfolds. Multiple articles and studies have shown that morning workouts lead to achieving more throughout the day. 


They say the hardest part of completing a task is the simple act of starting, and the same goes for working on your health. But once you’re at the gym and moving your body, you’ll feel energized again in no time.


From the ability to focus longer on our tasks to bringing more positivity into our usual day-to-day routines, our bodies also get leaner and stronger over time.


  1. Faster, Healthier Results


Is losing weight one of your top fitness goals? Mornings tend to be the best time to workout for weight loss. By working out on an empty stomach, you boost your metabolism and end up burning more calories throughout the whole day (and long after you’ve finished the initial workout).


You don’t need to run a marathon or triple your reps either to start seeing results. Short bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can give you the full-body workout you need in just 30 minutes if that’s all the time you can spare.


Not sure how to maximize your workout routine? Talk to our HSP personal trainers who are more than happy to help you create a custom exercise routine.


  1. Improved Mood and Positivity


Who wouldn’t want more energy or happy vibes? Exercising is a natural mood booster. 


Thanks to those feel-good chemicals aka endorphins flowing through your body, you’ll set yourself up for success every day after conquering your workout.


Many people are also able to manage stress better, improve sleep patterns, boost immunity, and reduce other chronic issues with daily or regular exercise. So if you’ve been feeling lethargic or grumpy lately, change up your routine, join a fitness class, or head down to HealthSPORT for a change in scenery and energy.


Remember, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, we’re here to help you become the best and healthiest version of yourself.


Don’t like working out alone or without a solid plan? Sign up for one of our HSP GroupX classes with other like-minded and motivated individuals. We offer multiple classes including cycling, strength and conditioning, aqua classes, yoga, and pilates. 


Not an early bird? Here are a few tips to help you develop a good morning workout: 


  • Create the ultimate playlist with your favorite upbeat tunes or prep and download an engaging podcast to listen to before, during, or after your workout routine.
  • Save time and prepare your exercise gear, gym essentials, and your work clothes the night before so you can quickly grab your bag and transition from home to gym to work.
  • Choose an easy morning workout that works with your schedule or a fun class you’ll look forward to week after week.
  • Set your alarm and place it far away from your bed, or even in a different room, so you’re forced to get up and turn it off. This increases the chances of you getting up and staying awake!

Join our members and our HSP team at any location and remember, our HealthSPORT Fortuna gym is now open and accessible 24/7 with our new card lock access. All cardio and strength training equipment is available to you at any hour, day or night.


For classes, IOC sessions, or personal training appointments, come visit us during regular operating hours. At HealthSPORT Fortuna, our standard business hours are:  


Mon-Fri: 5:00am – 9:00pm

Sat-Sun: 8:00am – 6:00pm

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