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In today’s busy world, it’s all but impossible to find a moment to yourself, much less an hour and a half for hot yoga. Thankfully, time constraints need not impede you from achieving stellar health and the body of your dreams. Look to HOTWORX® to deliver an exceptional workout in just 30 minutes.

Hot Yoga Vs. HOTWORX®

Hot yoga was all the rage a few years ago when fitness gurus discovered the power of turning up the heat and sweating profusely while in downward dog. Since then, studio-based sweat sessions have granted yogis around the world greater flexibility, strength, and serenity. Unfortunately, not everybody has time to spare for the yoga studio — and it’s tough to find a hot yoga class that lasts for less than an hour. That’s where HOTWORX® comes in. Like hot yoga, HOTWORX® incorporates the power of heat to great effect, but in 30-minute chunks that are far more manageable for the average professional.

HOTWORX® classes may only last half an hour, but they pack in a full hour’s worth of physical exertion. This time, efficiency is brought about in part by the use of infrared heat, which allows individuals to go all out. Compare this to the stifling heat of the yoga studio, which makes every pose a labored affair.

The Benefits of Infrared Heat

HOTWORX®Infrared heat promotes a more efficient workout than traditional HVAC and space heaters, but the benefits do not end there. The advantages of infrared sauna therapy have been documented extensively and include accelerated workout recovery, faster healing of wounds, lower blood pressure, and improved circulation.

Above all else, HOTWORX® participants desire to lose weight and get in better shape. Even without the isometric component, spending time in infrared heat can lead to significant weight loss. Estimates for a basic infrared session — without isometric exercises — range from 200 to 600 calories burned in just half an hour. The addition of isometric exercise further revs up the metabolism, leading to increased calorie burning during class and an elevated metabolism hours after you’ve left the infrared environment.

The Benefits of Isometric Exercises

Infrared heat is just one of the essential components of HOTWORX®. The class also incorporates 14 different isometric postures, which are connected to form a high-intensity half-hour sequence. Isometric training involves working a specific muscle in a static position, as opposed to the wider range of motion utilized in standard weight training regimens. By tensing muscles in a variety of motionless positions, it is possible to build strength quickly, while avoiding the enhanced risk of injury and other pitfalls that accompany traditional weight training.

Looking to amp up your workout? You will adore HOTWORX®. Embrace the heat and come try it out!



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