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hotworx session
HotWorx is a specific type of workout performed in a hot, infrared sauna (upwards of 122 degrees).  But does HotWorx actually help you burn more calories compared to traditional yoga, as many practitioners will say? Most sources tend to say yes…sometimes.

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Doing yoga moves in a 122-degree room is generally more taxing on the body (due to increased oxygen demand on the body in order to exercise and regulate body temperature), compared to traditional classes in non-hot rooms, so you can end up burning more cals. In fact, when keeping age, sex, and other factors consistent, a person can reasonably expect to burn upwards of 30% more calories in a HotWorx class vs. a regular flow sesh.

But it’s important to realize that many factors go into how many calories you’ll burn within any type of yoga class: your relative fitness, the intensity of the class, the types of movements you do, and so on. You can do a slow and laid back workout in a HotWorx session, for instance, and not burn quite as many calories as you would in an intense session in a normal room.

All that being said, Hotworx sessions are definitely worth checking out. They are excellent for focused breathing, mental health, and overall physical health…so why not give one a shot and make the most of it?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Next HotWorx Session

hotworx session

– Chat with your doctor first. Hotworx is not for everyone, and for your safety it’s important to make sure you’re medically cleared to participate before hopping into a class. So, be sure to talk to your physician first.

– Respect your body if you have any injuries or specific requirements. People have unique needs. The poses held in HotWorx can be easily modified to accomodate every body. “Go at your own best pace” to ensure you’ll get the best experience for you.

– On a related note…focus on what you’re doing, not what anyone else is doing. We saw a great quote on Instagram recently, and we think it so poignantly points to a simple truth: you do yoga for you and no one else. So give yourself the gift and enjoy it!

– Bring water and a towel. Trust us…you’ll need ’em!

Intrigued? Come check out our Hotworx class here at HealthSPORT, and be sure to let your gym buddies know, too!



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