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Pour gas on the fire and stay just as pumped as you were at the beginning  with these 14 nose-to-the-grindstone, inspirational movies.

14 Best Inspirational Movies To Fuel Your Weight Loss Motivation

 1) Generation Iron


Follow some of the most well-known bodybuilders in the world as they prepare themselves for the elite Mr. Olympia competition.  This flick will have you rooting in celebration of the sport which has had a tendency to provoke negative reviews from critics. Celebrate the blood, sweat and tears of these incredible athletes as they demonstrate the extreme discipline and restraint that builders have to exhibit to make it to the top. 


2) G.I. Jgijane.jpgane

Demi Moore shows off her incredible athleticism as she plays the part of a rugged and tough-as-nails Navy Seal. This film has a series of seriously intense training  scenes, including Demi doing one arm push ups. If you’re looking for some big-time motivation, G.I. Jane will have you tossing your popcorn to the side and giving ’em 20. 


3) Enter the Dragonenterthedragon.jpg

A true classic for a reason, Bruce Lee lives up to his name in this movie. Truly an impressive show of athleticism, Lee trained vigorously for his role in order to preform at his highest possible level. Trust us… it shows! You won’t want to miss this one. 


4) Aliali.jpg

Another great boxing movie to add to the list! Dedicated to his role, Will Smith went above and beyond, training just like Ali. He ran the exact distances and sparred with “real deal” boxers to bring believability to the film.  By the end you are sure to get your blood pumping and ready to hit the bags yourself!



5) Million Dollar Babymilliondollarbaby.jpg

Yup, these boxing moves keep rolling out. Another great movie with actors and actresses dedicated to their role. Hilary Swank went the whole 9-yards, training and boxing like a real fighter. She pushed her body to the limit, completely altering her overall physique. Months of serious weight training and a protein-rich diet ended in her packing on a lot of muscle. This strong female lead makes for a fantastic flick. 



ONG-BAK.jpg6) Ong-Bak – The Thai Warrior

Savor it while it lasts, after seeing this film you won’t want to stay seated. A show of fantastic acrobatics, martial arts and wicked fight scenes, Tony Jaa shines bright in his first big movie. This movie really has it all for you action seeking, fight-scene-living fans! 



7) Rocky

Who doesn’t get motivated by the Rocky theme song? Easily the biggest and best classic out there when it comes to the fighting genre. Great fight scenes, a tale of rags to riches… you know Rocky is the ultimate story choc-full of memorable moments. 


lbs.bTsxMTI0NTMwNjtqOzE3MDgxOzIwNDg7OTAwOzEyMDA.jpeg8) LBS

Let’s take a break from the rock ’em-sock ’em films and focus on this awesome independent film (based on real-life events) that follows a fantastic weight loss story. You’ll experience a candid expression of the struggles of food addiction and what it takes to make “healthy” a lifestyle. This film makes you realize you are not alone in your weight loss journey and will really kick-start your motivation.



9) Supersize Mesupersizeme.jpg

If you haven’t seen it already, you need to. The film follows the true story of a man who eats McDonald’s for every meal as you see firsthand the dramatic effects on his health in short time frame. It touches on the major American issue of obesity led by overeating and fast food. Bottom line, if you’re curious about what exactly you’ve been putting in your body whenever you swing by the golden arches, you need to check this one out.


fatso.jpg10) Fatso

Another glimpse into the mind of someone truly suffering from a food addiction. This film is a gripping portrayal of just how serious of an illness this can be. 





11) Cool Runningscoolrunnings.jpg

On a more silly note, Disney does a fabulously funny job of reenacting the story of the first Jamaican bobsledding team. Easy to watch and great for a laugh or two,  this movie is not only entertaining but inspires you to carve your own path no matter the roadblocks in your way and to never give up. 


fedup.jpg12) Fed Up

This film reveals some controversial information about the US government’ dietary guidelines. Tackling the issue of childhood obesity and the increased consumption of sugar, this film challenges congress to rethink health standards over favoring big business and big dollars. 




13) Girlfightgirlfriend.btsxmti5mtu2mztqoze3mdc4oziwndg7mtuznjsymdq4.jpeg

If you’re in the mood for a good fighting drama, this one is for you.  Against all odds, and the wishes of her family, young Diana begins training as a boxer. After many feats and defeats, she achieves impressive success all the while crushing the stigma of female athletes and their involvement in martial arts.


soulsurfer.jpg14) Soul Surfer

A beautiful story based off of the true story of Bethany Hamilton. This film will no doubt inspire you to push past any challenges facing you to reach your biggest dream. After surviving a horrific shark attack, the young girl loses part of her arm. Though facing adversity she continues to train and compete, becoming one of the most recognizable surfers.



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