Yoga Classes at HealthSPORT

Yoga is a practice that challenges your mind to focus on your body and breathing. This series of exercises are intentionally slow and deliberate, each move encourages you to pay attention to the subtle strength of your muscles and how they affect your shape and your movement. HealthSPORT offers a range of different yoga classes and workshops throughout the year that will deepen your practice.

Experience The Benefits of Doing Yoga Daily or Monthly

Improves Posture

Poor posture can lead to back pain and joint problems. Our classes will help you realign your back and reduce stress points.

Improves Circulation

Deep breathing and stretching helps your body relax & heal. Our classes will help you increase your bodies circulation.

Improves Flexibility

It’s amazing how after regular practice you can go from hardly being able to touch their toes to participating in a range of poses you thought were impossible before.

Improves Core Strength

Through calm instruction our classes will help you stretch and build your core muscles.

Increases daily energy

It’s no secret that while yoga is very calming it can also be very intoxicating. Our classes will help you increase energy.

Are you ready to go to a new level? Let’s have some fun!