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Strap-in and start optimizing your time at the gym with MYZONE! As a HealthSPORT member, you’ll soon be able to tap into one of the most effective training tools around. MYZONE Technology is a simple to use a system that caters to your individual needs while allowing you to play along with the rest of our gym community.

What is MYZONE?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re working hard enough or worried that you might be pushing too hard, you’ll sing the praises of this gizmo. MYZONE takes the guesswork out of workouts. You can hook into MYZONE with a simple chest strap that tracks your effort. MYZONE monitors your heart rate and how many calories you burn during your workouts. It uses wireless and cloud technology to sync with cell phones, computers, and a host of devices like Garmin, Apple Watch, and Android Wear. You can track your results personally during workouts on your device and/or monitor your workout at the gym on a real-time tracking board.


A color-coded system shown on a synced screen indicates your work zone so you don’t have to squint to read tiny numbers or wordy words. If you can see color, you’re golden! Whether you’re using a watch screen, cell phone, or a large HealthSPORT community screen, a quick glance at the readout you’ll give you the lowdown on your workout. The strap continually transmits information throughout your session so you know when to bump things up or be reassured that you’re steadily in the intended work zone.

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MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs)

The more intense your workout, the more MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) you’ll earn. MEPs can be a fun, tangible way to see your commitment to exercise pay-off over time. As a HealthSPORT member, you know our fit pros will come up with innovative ways to use earned MEPs to motivate!

Maybe the guy who uses the treadmill next to you races past you every Tuesday. But, MEPs are awarded according to the effort based on your fitness level, not in relation to others. This means that improvement is awarded regardless of whether or not you’re a speed demon or barbell master. You’ll get MEP’s by being the best you that you can be! (Although all of us know you are already utterly fantastic!) You can join MEP challenges and contests to keep you motivated to move.

With MYZONE, you can track your fitness over the course of minutes, days, weeks, months and years. It’s time to start…NOW!



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