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Everybody has their favorite barbecue food, and whether it’s your mom’s pasta salad or your uncle’s flame-broiled hot dogs, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of everything. But if you’re looking to offer something healthy for the picnic table, there’s no shortage of delicious options to choose from.

6 Fitness-Friendly Foods to Bring to a Barbecue

1) Kebobs

Stack up some steak tips, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and other veggies on some skewers, season with balsamic dressing, olive oil, salt, and pepper, then fire up the grill. It’s a tasty and nutrient-rich meal all on its own convenient serving stick!


2) Grilled meats (without the buns)

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken are all fantastic right off the grill, and they’re easy enough to enjoy them without throwing you off your lean bod game. Simply skip the bun, use mustard and hot sauce instead of sugary ketchup, and be mindful of your portion sizes.

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3) Feta, watermelon, and mint salad

This fresh and summery side is a great alternative to a rich and heavy dessert. The saltiness of the feta is a perfect balance to the sweetness of the melon.

4) Egg salad

With far fewer carbs and more protein than potato salad, a delicious homemade egg salad is an awesome side—bonus if you can add any fresh herbs from a summer garden!


5) Sweet potato salad

If you’re not living la Vida low carb but still looking for a healthier option than regular potato salad or pasta salad, then sweet potato salad is a good choice: more nutrients, slightly lower carbs, and still super tasty (carrot and raisin salad is another great option here, too).

6) Wine and clear liquor

Red wine, vodka, and tequila have far fewer carbs than beer, are naturally gluten-free, and probably won’t spike your blood sugar quite as much as your dad’s favorite lager—and of course aren’t loaded with the sugars and artificial sweeteners and sugars common in sodas and their “healthier” diet counterparts.
Better yet, bring yourself a twelve pack of flavored seltzer water or pour yourself a club soda with lime. It’s bubbly without the bother!

Got any other healthy spins on some of your favorite BBQ meals? Let us know about it, and have a safe, fun, and healthy summer!

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