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We are already halfway through the Weight Loss Challenge and the anticipating to find out who will win is already building! This week we have seen quite a few number of participants make great strides toward reaching their goals.

An Update to the Weight Loss Challenge!


This week Shane Decided to Highlight a Member of Olive’s Team: My Member Spotlight Goes to Max

I’m not sure who’s team he is on, but he is doing fantastic. At the least, this guy is working out two times a day. Setting the example for each class to go hard and put 100% effort into each exercise. I always see him in the early AM and late PM. He deserves some recognition with such great dedication to change his overall health.


Sydney’s Team: My Spotlight WLC Participant This Week is… LISA (Again)!

Lisa has been such a champ in this challenge. She hasn’t seen many results yet – but after speaking with her in yesterday’s On Point session – I think she will start too. It finally slipped yesterday that many of the meals she eats a day are purchased in the Natural Food Store’s Deli. Her understanding about health was that she was getting a “salad” and buying it at a Natural Foods Store so it must be healthy. We talked it out, and I asked her to tell me what the ingredients were and if she knew the nutrition facts and it finally clicked – she had no idea what she was eating, it was just convenient and tasty.

Lisa went to the store yesterday and bought a bunch of “boring and tasteless” (as she puts it) food and has begun to meal prep!


Angelique’s Team: My Member Spotlight for This Week is Jennifer

Jennifer lost 12lbs! YAY! She has been going to HSPFit 2.0 classes 4-5 times a week, and she really cleaned up her diet. Since I first met Jennifer, she seems more confident in class. Her hard work and motivation are showing!


Olive’s Team: Spotlight on Krista

Even though she works nights & weekends, she is still making an effort to attend the 6 am HSPFit 2.0 classes in Arcata on very little sleep. Thanks!


Jamie’s Team: My Spotlight This Week is on Janna

She came into this challenge not wanting to lose weight, but to get lean and gain muscle. She had never done any weightlifting prior to this challenge and felt a little out of her comfort zone. Over the last few weeks, she has not only started attending Absolute Strength regularly once a week, but she is also weightlifting on her own now too and building confidence in the weight room. To date, she has now lost over 1% body fat and 4 inches in her waist! She is working so hard, and I have no doubt she will be stronger and leaner by the end date.



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