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Last week was another great week for our WLC participants! Take a look at who is making great strides toward their goals to date:

Olive’s Team:

Kristy is my spotlight member this week. She has been incredibly consistent especially around her busy schedule. She also has come to the conclusion that it’s not about winning a prize or the competition but instead about getting “on track & finding a balance in life” as far as fitness is concerned. She is doing a great job.

Angelique’s Team:

Chris Sandell came to 2 of my classes this week. It has been a rough week for some of my members but they are not giving up. My member spotlight for this week is Doug. Doug has a really busy work schedule and is not able to make hardly any HSPFit classes. However he still comes to the gym often and he lost 12lbs!

Jamie’s Team:

Tracy is my spotlight for this week. She has a very busy work schedule and helps to take care of her grandkids, but still finds the time to make it to the gym and go for walks daily. She recently got an Apple Watch, which has been helping her stay motivated to keep active. She goes to at least 3 classes a week and is on track with her diet. She is happy with her progress and is even getting “hit on” again!

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