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We only have 8 weeks left in the WLC and all of the participants are off to a great start and working hard towards their goals! Here are a few challenger highlights…

Jamie’s Team:

Halleh is my highlight this week. She is such a go getter and is attending HSPFit classes at least 4 days a week in addition to Personal Training one time a week. She is doing a fantastic job on her diet (doing Whole30) and she has already seen drastic changes in her body! She is motivated to win not just for the money, but to look good this this summer!

Megan’s Team:

Jose is my highlight – he is committed to making changes in both his fitness and nutrition habits and he has been posting on social media for the accountability of his workouts (which keeps it fun for him too) …..I do not want to put #’s in for clients but he has lost pounds and inches and I can tell he is gaining confidence and motivation.

Kerri’s Team:

Niki – She may just be my winner! She is focused, driven, attends classes daily and her body is already transforming! She wants to get rid of what her children left her with. She gets after it in class and is a real go getter.

John – I think he is the Craig of this challenge. He just keeps plugging away no matter his age and abilities. He came in with an injured shoulder, 1 knee replacement and 1 on the way! He came in every day and is continuing to come in even with his shoulder acting up!

Cory is focused and driven and I have to actually hold her back from taking too many classes! Her biggest challenges are drinking wine on the weekends and Ice cream and she is currently 7 days on the right path!

Olive’s Team:

Max has been especially active in all forms of communication & has been putting in a lot of work outside of the HSPFit classes. He also did the Trinidad Clam Beach Run.

Shane’s Team:

Michael was the highlight for my team last week. He sent me almost all of his meals, including his meal prep. Went to all the classes he could and also had intense cardio before and after classes. He is dedicated with a keto diet and the correct amount of cardio/strength training each day.

Angelique’s Team:

Doug is my member spotlight for this week. This week Doug was not able to fit any of the HSP Fit classes into his schedule. So he purchased an hour training session with me where I created a good workout for him to use when he cannot attend a class. He mentioned that he would consider buying more training to keep him motivated.

Sydney’s Team:

Victoria accomplished her goal for the week by attending an early morning class. She made it to my 5:30am Athletic Intervals class in Eureka on Tuesday!

Robert accomplished his goal for the week by looking into his trail mix serving size and noticed he was WAY over and adjusted to the proper amount. Although challenging, he knows he needs to and continues to stay motivated and determined to look into sugar and sodium intake. He is also adding more color to his plate! He noticed his lunch sandwich was pretty plain and started adding lettuce and tomato!

Kirsten noticed she wasn’t keeping herself hydrated enough and downloaded an app on her phone to remind herself to DRINK UP

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