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With only 3 short weeks left in the challenge the participants are starting to see some great results! We are down to the wire and it is neck and neck to see who the winners will be. Take a look at the following highlights this week and be sure to give them a congrats when you see them around the clubs.

Michelle is only a few days out from finishing the Whole 30! She looks great!

Since starting the WLC, Nancy has been consistently coming to the gym 5 days a week. She attends 3 HSPFit classes and 2 Pilates classes every week.

Bill has worked on incorporating classes and workouts that fit his schedule, using both our HSPFit and GroupX offerings to his advantage! He has learned that he does not need to avoid strength training, but rather embrace it as a fantastic fat-burning tool!

Max is showing amazing consistency and drive. He came into this challenge already 30lbs down and is focusing on making the lifestyle change and continuing on his journey. He has made the gym a part of his daily routine and many times doing 2 or more classes a day! I’m so proud of this hard work.

Rose is staying motivated and making classes almost every day. She is still making the gym a priority. I’m really proud of her!

Coming into this challenge, Noa did not have much to lose, but rather wanted to get lean and gain strength. She has been attending classes at least 3 times a week and I see her in the gym DAILY! She is getting leaner and you can physically see the changes not only in her body, but in her workouts as well. Noa strives to one day be a Personal Trainer and I have no doubt she will reach her goal. I’m so proud of the work she has been putting in to this challenge!



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