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The 12-week HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only particpants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Sheri Borgelin, the overall third place winner, dedicated herself to her goals and lost 26lbs (7% of her body fat). 

Check Out Her Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“Before I started the HSP fitness Weight Loss Challenge, I had just turned 42 and I weighed 200 pounds. I did not know how to go about improving my general health and all around fitness. I lacked basic knowledge of a healthy diet, but most of all I needed motivation.

I started the Weight Loss Challenge and immediately began to use the tools the program provided for me: my fitness pal app, gym coaches, and even other participants.

My fitness app also showed my progress and projected weight according to my personal habits. I learned to read tables to determine the makeup of food, and I weight-loss-challengelearned to analyze the percentage of each food group that my diet required.

The coaches at the gym were a great help to me. By following their advice, I started to lose weight. They encouraged me to push harder, use heavier weights, and to try other classes. They also suggested that I try to do extra exercises and start a running program.

The other participants in the program continually encouraged me to beat their scores. By comparing success with others, I kept on working harder even when I wasn’t losing weight. Pushing past these dry spells kept me on track – leading me to where I am today.

While all these changes were going on, my family and friends couldn’t help but notice the positive differences taking place in me. Because of this, several were encouraged enough to join the gym. They’re now also aiming for a healthier life style.

I appreciate all that this program has accomplished for my family and me. I am now a stronger, healthier, and more confident individual. This program has changed my life in so many ways, and I have never felt better. 


– Sheri Borgelin

For a link of Sheri’s Weight Loss Challenge statistics, click HERE

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