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The 12-week HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only particpants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Craig Newman, the overall second place winner, dedicated himself to his goals and lost 48lbs (10% of his body fat). 

Check Out His Weight Loss Challenge Story:

The goal of the Weight Loss Challenge was simply stated on the HealthSPORT website as “The HSPFit Weight Loss Challenge is a 12-week body transformation contest that will change your life. For me, the timing of this program was just right. I recently retired from a 44-year career as Professional Forester. Because part of my job was working in the woods two to three times a week on average, I never engaged in any kind of organized or structured physical conditioning or fitness program. As a result, my average body weight ranged from about 215 to 225 pounds (I am 66 years old and stand 5’6” tall), depending on the time of the year. Following my recent retirement, I realized that I need to implement some kind of controlled nutrition and fitness program if I am to move forward with a healthy lifestyle. Also, I had been taking a medication for high cholesterol and have diabetes in my family, so I have a potential for Type II diabetes onset as I get older.

Starting the first of this year, I began reading a book entitled: “It Starts with Food, Discover Whole 30.” This book was recommended to me by a friend who said that on this program, she felt better physically and lost weight. I was impressed with the information and program contained in this book and had decided to commit to the recommended “whole 30” weight-loss-challengenutrition program. As I was finishing reading the book, I became aware of the HSPFit Challenge. The timing was perfect as my plan was to combine a nutrition program and some form of fitness program to meet my goal. I started the Whole 30 nutrition program at the same time as I started the Challenge. For me, the combination of these two programs as been a great success. After my initial meeting with Kory at HealthSPORT, I was assigned to Kerri Conger as my WLC trainer. Since the beginning of the challenge, I have followed the Whole 30 nutrition plan and have regularly participated in HealthSPORT training classes and my own walking program. I go to HealthSPORT three days a week and participate in ShockWave30, Foundations, Industrial Strength, and Pilates classes. On my own, I do what I call “aerobic walks” in Arcata three days a week. My aerobic walks are anywhere from 2.25 to 3.5 miles long and include a circuit that has 350 feet of elevation change from top to bottom.

During this challenge, I attended the scheduled HealthSPORT nutrition meetings and, as instructed, I charted my food intake for about a month. Both Susan Jansson and Kerri reviewed my nutrition program and told me that I seemed to be on track with a good program.

The combination of a reasonable nutrition program that is basically no sugar, limited carbs (and all natural carbs), fruits and vegetables, and a regular exercise program is helping me to meet my personal goal of a reasonable level of physical fitness and well-being. I know from past experience that when my weight is down, my heart rate reduces from the low 70’s to high 50’s, my blood pressure goes from “good” to “very good” and my blood cholesterol gets down in to a range that is regarded as “good” for my gender and age. My doctor tells me that if I can maintain a good weight level, that I will not have to worry about onset of Type II diabetes. I expect to continue my nutrition and fitness program that started with the WLC and expect for positive results to continue for the foreseeable future.

I have lost pounds on weight loss programs in the past but was unable to maintain a low body weight mostly, in my mind, because there was no associated physical exercise program. Also because I didn’t understand how food works in the body so quickly reverted to bad eating habits. Now that I am armed with knowledge about how food works and about the range of fitness classes available at HealthSPORT, I expect that I will now be able to maintain a healthy weight and level or fitness into my old age.”

– Craig Newman

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