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The 12-week HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Matthew Jenkins, the overall first place winner, dedicated himself to his goals and lost 45.6lbs (21.25% of his body fat). 

Check Out His Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“Over the past couple years I’ve started many diets and countless weight loss competitions with my workmates. I would start well, working out and eating wholesome foods. However, whatever weight I lost, I always gained back, going back to my bad habits. So when I signed up for the HealthSport Weight Loss Challenge, I knew this one needed to be different. I knew this time I had to make lifestyle changes, not just for me but my family. I wanted to be an example of healthy living to my daughter and unborn child.

I started by focusing on diet, removing all processed foods and eating ‘real’ food. I drink 1.5-2.5 gallons of water a day.


“True health is a journey, not an event.”

WLC_first-place_Matthew-Jenkins_2017.jpgBeing a father and working long hours had made it hard to consistently workout in the past. I was introduced to the HSP Fit classes. They had one early in the morning so  I knew I could work it in my schedule, with friends attending, I was held accountable. Shane, my trainer, always pushed me to my limits. Every day is something different.

Even after all this though. I made lots of mistakes along the way; I missed classes and ate things I shouldn’t have. What I realized though, is you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy and lose weight, you just need to keep going until healthy living is your lifestyle, not just a competition. True health is a journey, not an event.”


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