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The 12-week HealthSPORT Weight Loss Challenge transformed not only participants bodies, but their lifestyle habits. Bryan Bean, the overall first place winner, dedicated himself to his goals and lost 73lbs (16% of his body fat). 

Check Out His Weight Loss Challenge Story:

“180!” I yelled in my head as I weighed myself in the men’s locker room. I did it… I got back to my high school weight… a goal I have had for years… and I’m not done yet!

I have always been a competitive person. In high school, I played varsity football, wrestling, and tennis. I felt healthy and full of life. Shortly after high school, I started in the restaurant business, stopped playing sports… and started gaining weight. As the years went on, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food. I worked multiple shifts at different restaurants, and ate whenever and whatever I wanted. For a time, my competitive nature took me to competitive eating challenges. I would eat 6 pound cheeseburgers, 5 pound burritos, or other extremely unhealthy large portions. It was fun at the time, but I felt sick… especially when I look back and see how much I have changed.


Several times I have tried to change my lifestyle. I’ve tried juice fasting, the “Master Cleanse,” diet pills like Hydroxycut, and joining gyms. I would always fall back to my old ways… fast food was one of my weaknesses.

I joined HealthSPORT’s Weight Loss Challenge last fall and lost some weight but working as a server at the Ingmar Club (Carson Mansion) during the holidays, I gained it all back… plus more! I was at 241 pounds when I started this challenge. It was the most I have ever weighed and I decided to make this a lifetime change and get healthy once and for all. My goal was to get my life and health back. I wanted to get to 180 pounds, what I weighed in high school. Not only weigh less, I wanted the muscle and the feeling of being healthy back.

My Plan:

My plan was to completely change my diet first. My mom was recently diagnosed diabetic and that scared her, me, and the rest of my family. Scared not only for her health and safety, but also the fact that I can potentially get it as well. We all decided to go on the “Whole 30” diet. It’s a stricter form of the Paleo diet. We all started this diet together, and at this time, my mom and I have stuck to the plan, while the rest of my family eats cheeseburgers next to us. It’s extremely hard, but I have my eyes on the prize of a healthy lifestyle. 

I have also been to HealthSPORT almost every day, balancing rest and recovery with extreme, intense workouts in MetCon or the weight room. The support from my trainer and the encouragement of the friends help a lot!

If I can’t make HealthSPORT, I do Insanity at home or run around town. I have signed up for and completed competitive runs while in this challenge. Such as the 10 mile Foggy Bottom run, and the e Golden Gate Headlands Full Marathon which was held on April 2nd. This is the first marathon I have ever run and I was told it was one of the hardest with numerous elevation changes. This marathon challenged me to the fullest and I was ecstatic to cross the finish line. Most importantly, I know that this is just the beginning of my new healthy lifestyle and I feel great!

I have also made exciting improvements in my strength! During the first week of this challenge, I tested myself on my mile time, push ups, plank hold, and pull ups. My stats were: 9:15 mile time, 32 push ups, 46 second plank hold, and 6 pull ups. Now my stats are: 6:25 mile time, 100 push ups, 2:52 plank hold, 16 pull ups.

My Life:

There are many things I want to do now that I am able. The first is the Pacific Crest Trail. This hike starts at the Mexican border and ends 11 miles into Canada… and takes 4-5 months to complete. This national scenic trail crosses over 1,000 lakes, 7 national forests, and is 2,660 miles long. I will be starting this hike May 9th, and this challenge made it possible. 

I feel so great and confident throughout all my training. I recently decided to sign up for an Iron Man in the next 2-4 years.

I am very thankful to HealthSPORT for giving me this opportunity to accept this challenge and find myself again. I haven’t felt comfortable with myself for many years, and now I am excited to live life how it should be lived. “

– Bryan Bean

For a link of Bryan’s Weight Loss Challenge statistics, click HERE

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