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Thanksgiving has passed, and we have all consumed an inordinate amount of calories already. Black Friday is gone, Cyber Monday is over, and now it’s Christmas party after Christmas party, and then here comes the office Holiday party and, of course, it’s on to New Year’s Eve. There’s bowl game after bowl game to watch and bowls and bowls of chips to eat while you watch… It’s not just the Holiday season. It’s calorie season!

Finally, we arrive at some point in January where we just have to say whoa! That’s when we realize that we have consumed way too many calories in such a short amount of time.


What Have We Done to Ourselves This Calorie Season?

Well, what is a calorie anyway? It’s a measure. So, an inch is a measurement of length, a degree is a measurement of temperature, and a “calorie” is a measure of energy. As defined, one calorie represents the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

If you have a few minutes, check out this cool little video that explains the calorie in very simple terms.

Many factors weigh in to determine the rate at which you burn calories. These factors include: age, sex, height and weight to name a few. There are environmental factors as well, such as air composition and level of temperature. As a general rule, it takes a 3500 calorie burn to lose a pound of body weight. This can be accomplished with just three HOTWORX® sessions.

With HOTWORX®, the average person can burn 250-450 calories during the 30-minute infrared workout, and they can experience another 350-600 with the 60-minute afterburn immediately following the workout.

Want to manage the calorie season better this year? Grab your Fitbit® and go to the HOTWORX® sauna!

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