Tabata Bootcamp

Work Smarter, Not Longer. High Intensity Interval Training sessions scientifically sizzle calories, keep you burning 24-48 hours after you workout, & boost your metabolism. The result? Successful weight loss and muscle gain. Tabata Bootcamp focuses on quality, not quantity so you can maximize your training time. Join us to see why so many of our members keep coming back for more!

• 6-Weeks
• Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:30-6:20pm
• at HealthSPORT Eureka

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Meet the Instructor – Megan Lynch

Megan uses Circuit & Interval Training Techniques combined with deliberate actions outside the gym to help people grow into better versions of themselves, one habit at a time. She holds a B.S in Kinesiology from Humboldt State University, an ASCM Personal Trainer Certification, plus an arsenal of Group Fitness Instructor certifications that ensure you can’t escape her at the gym. As HealthSPORT’s Fitness Director you’ll find Megan teaching everything from TRX to Cycling, motivating her Personal Training clients to push harder, & designing effective clubwide programming. If you’re feeling the burn with a smile on your face, chances are Megan’s to thank.

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