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Think massage is just a luxury?

Think again!
Massage therapy can be an excellent holistic complement to your balanced exercise and nutrition program. Routine massages can truly enhance your overall quality of life.

And while more research needs to be done to confirm the full range of effects of massage for active people, a variety of studies have pointed to a range of potential benefits that anyone would appreciate—but especially people like you who are hitting it hard in the gym.


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7 Potential Benefits of Massage for Gym-Goers


1) Eases pain.

Aches and soreness are no strangers to people who train hard and train a lot. Getting a massage has been clinically shown to reduce the subjective experience of pain and alleviate muscle tension.

2) Helps you avoid and heal from injury.

Massage can break up scar tissue, fascial adhesions, and other areas of mobility restrictions to keep you flexible and pliable. Doing so may help you avoid becoming injured while training or competing. And if an injury does crop up, massage has been shown to aid with the rehab process, accelerate tissue healing, reduce swelling, and decrease recovery time.

3) Enhances muscle growth.

Studies have shown that getting a massage after a workout can help the muscles grow more mitochondria, which are the so-called “powerhouses” of cells and responsible for converting nutrients into energy. Greater muscle mitochondrial density can improve your endurance and strength since your muscles will be better equipped to use oxygen.


4) Increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

The more easily you can get blood and oxygen into your muscles, the better they’ll repair, grow, and function. Lymphatic drainage is also essential for removing toxins and metabolic waste-products brought on by exercise.

5) Improves sleep.

Sleep is an essential component to fat loss, weight maintenance, and muscle and tissue repair. A great massage could help you get a better night’s sleep, especially after a tough training day!

6) Improves heart function.

Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure and lower your heart rate, both of which are associated with a healthier cardiac function.

7) Enhances cognitive function.

Multiple studies have shown that massage can improve your mood, calm your mind, de-stress you, enhance your focus, decrease anxiety, and improve your attentiveness…all of which can prime you for a better day of training, rest, or competition.

Whether you prefer sports massage—specifically geared toward athletes—or another style, scheduling an appointment with a massage therapist could be a great thing to do for your next rest day! To book your appointment with one of our experienced male or female massage therapists right here at HealthSPORT.

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