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The 2017 Weight Loss Challenge is a wrap and we are SO proud of everyone who gave it their all, put in the work, and ultimately  formed healthy life-long habits! Nobody leaves the challenge the same, here are a few stories from members whose lives have changed for the better because of WLC ’17.

6 Inspiring Weight Loss Challenge Testimonies

weight loss challenge1) Mathew Jenkins (Our 1st Place 2017 Winner!!)

Over the past couple years I’ve started many diets and countless weight loss competitions with my workmates. I would start well, working out and eating wholesome foods. However, whatever weight I lost, I always gained back, going back to my bad habits. So when I signed up for the HealthSport Weight Loss Challenge I knew this one needed to be different. I knew this time I had to make lifestyle changes, not just for me but for my family. I wanted to be an example of healthy living to my daughter and unborn child.

I started by focusing on diet, removing all processed foods and eating ‘real’ food. I drink 1.5-2.5 gallons of water a day.

Being a father and working long hours had made it hard to consistently workout in the past. I was introduced to the HSP Fit classes. They had one early in the morning so I knew I could work it in my schedule, with friends attending, I was held accountable. Shane, my trainer, always pushed me to my limits. Every day is something different.

Even after all this though. I made lots of mistakes along the way; I missed classes, and ate things I shouldn’t have. What I realized though, is you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy and lose weight, you just need to keep going until healthy living is your lifestyle, not just a competition. True health is a journey not an event.

2) Katherine Wayne

I have been unable to lift weights for years due to a neck injury and surgery. I started out training one-on-one with Joy, and that encouraged me to take classes with Valerie and Jamie. The Challenge was a wonderful way to jump-start my new workout and motivate me. All of my friends can’t believe that the old me is back again — my 60-year-old body looks good, and I am strong and happy. I can’t thank my three coaches enough — they have changed my life!

3) Desirae Inman (Our 2nd Place 2017 Winner!)

weight loss challengeIt takes a lot to build new, healthy habits– but this weight loss challenge has done just that: I get restless now if I can’t make it to the gym. My body craves exercise and I have realized the benefits of healthy eating. With the support of my trainers I have learned to listen to my body, to push my perceived limits, and to harness new tools to benefit my nutrition. I discovered the MyFitnessPal app and it has helped me be more aware of what I put into my body; it has really informed my food choices. I have also increased my metabolism by eating more, smaller meals throughout the day. I have more energy, I get more done during my day, and the support of the trainers keeps me more accountable to my health and fitness routine.

I wear a fitness tracker, and since beginning the WLC I have increased my daily step count by 2,500-3,000 steps. I’m moving so much more! In addition to the support of my trainers, I have found the support of other members during team training to be invaluable. I look forward to those high-fives after class, I’ve connected with a gym buddy, and I’m just better at sticking to my exercise routine. I’ve been branching out and checking out classes offered at the gym and I’ve learned that I really enjoy dance classes and yoga, in addition to team training.

I can see and feel the changes that I have made over the course of this challenge. And others see it too! I have truly transformed my habits and I make healthier choices overall. The 2017 WLC has provided me with the opportunity to make a lifestyle change, and I consider that a success.

4) Max Keyes

161 classes, 200 miles on bike, 50 miles of treadmill, countless high fives.
What did all this get me? Comradery, team encouragement, an internal drive to achieve happiness,  a feeling that I feel runs deep in our gym… thank you Heathsport for changing me

5) John Dixon

weight loss challengeWhen I retired on my 75th birthday from a stressful job, I was overweight and out of shape. Instead of losing weight, I gained weight. Arthritic changes in my knees and ankles from old injuries felt limiting and then I suffered damage to a rotator cuff that further restrained movement. I was feeling pretty discouraged when I heard of the HSP Weight Loss Challenge and was able to join in the second week. My trainer, Kerri, encouraged me to come to classes and make whatever adjustments needed to accommodate my limitations. If I can’t do the classes, I can do yoga. Kerri also helped me work around the rotator cuff issues and identified exercises that did not involve my shoulder. I go to the gym five or six days a week, do aerobics and weight-bearing exercises, keep a journal and track calories in and calories out with my Fitbit. I try to take in about 1000 calories less than I burn each day. The exercise has actually helped the joints, my strength and aerobic capacity have increased noticeably, and the weight is coming off. My goal is to get to 195 pounds by my birthday in August. We can’t avoid the slings and arrows that come with age, but we needn’t succumb to them. Neil Simon’s song says it all for me: “I can’t run but I can walk much faster than this.” Age and injury don’t prevent getting fit, just make it a little harder. Thanks for the reminder.

6) Jodi Curry

This challenge has kick started my inner beast. This is just the beginning of a long journey, but I’m getting stronger every day. The lifestyle changes I’ve incorporated will help guide my family and I to stay healthy and active.


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