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Sleep better to exercise better. Exercise better to sleep better. It’s a reciprocal relationship that can lead to a lifetime of fitness.

Here are 5 Ways Sleep Can Bump Up Your Fitness and Make Your Workouts Work for You!


1. Adequate Sleep Gives Your Body Time to Focus on Mending Itself

When you sleep, your heart rate slows down, and your body puts out growth hormones for cellular repair. This prepares muscles, joints, and organs for intense daytime work.

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2. You’ll Be Focused

While you sleep, your brain washes itself by removing toxic byproducts. If you want to de-fuzz your brain and maintain clarity and focus before, during and after your workouts… sleep!

3. You’ll Balance Important Hormone Levels

A body that gets adequate sleep is a body that doesn’t have to fight the effects of elevated cortisol levels. This “stress hormone” can wreak havoc on efforts to be physically fit. Sustaining a high cortisol level can lead to a host of problems including difficulty losing fat deposits, high blood sugar, hypertension and more.

4. Sleep Boosts Better Nutrition

An elevated cortisol level (due to disrupted sleep) might increase your appetite and make you crave sugary foods that don’t fuel workouts or recovery and stymie weight loss efforts.


5. You’ll Approach Your Goals with More Positivity

Chances are you’re working out to feel healthier and happier. Sleep does that too! Adequate sleep makes more people less moody and irritable and more motivated to get things, like workouts, done.

Put your best foot forward and climb into bed. If your body fights sleep when your head hits the pillow, check out these tips from the American Council on Exercise to lull you to lalaland so slumber can fuel your workouts and wellness.


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