Pilates is a core-strengthening program that uses relaxing methods for shaping and stretching your body. During these classes, HealthSPORT’s instructors use a series of controlled movements will help you develop endurance throughout your entire body. This class is ideal for those looking for a challenge! The movements have been designed to allow for different exercises to be easily modified for beginners, advanced and everything in between.

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We offer Unlimited Reformer Classes through HSPFit2.0 Team Training.

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We also offer 1-on-1 Private Sessions & would love a schedule a session with you to start going over the basics. Give us a call! Want to be first in line for our next Beginner Workshop? Click below to join the waitlist.

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Benefits of Pilates

As you condition your muscles you can increase the intensity of the exercises as needed. No class is ever the same twice! Pilates will push you both physically and mentally. If practiced with consistency, pilates offers a wide range of benefits including:

Strengthen Your Core

The core is one of the most difficult areas of the body to get a complete workout. Pilates won’t let you slouch or slack off!

Increase Flexibility & Circulation

With continued practice you will see dramatic results in your flexibility, which will in turn help you improve circulation.

Improve Coordination & Posture

After a few weeks of practice you’ll see noticeable differences in how you carry yourself and glide through different movements.