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Pilates and Yoga are both excellent ways to gain strength and flexibility in the body. Not only that, they can both shape your body into a lean, mean, healthy machine. But, which one is better?

Let’s Compare the Two: Pilates vs. Yoga

Pilates and Yoga have been said to both lengthen and strengthen. You have your die hard pilates fans and your Yogi’s that both swear by each one and wouldn’t trade out one for the other.

pilates-yoga.jpgBoth practices focus on breath, alignment, flexibility, relaxation, and strength. Both are beneficial to the entire body, and both are loved by many.

Yoga tends to do more for the balance, as Pilates tends to do more for overall stability. Both are unique in their own way.

Pilates focuses a lot on core strength and typically uses machines to help with stretching and strengthening, while yoga is more of a still workout that allows you to hold the stretches for a longer period of time which is extremely beneficial for gaining flexibility in every muscle in the body.

Since Pilates focuses on more pulsing exercises and bringing the muscles to fatigue, it’s a little better at building actually muscle than yoga would be. But Yoga has its many benefits too such as allowing your body better range of motion and balance while standing.

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So, Which One is Better?

Well, that all depends on who you ask. The best thing you can do is try a pilates class and try a yoga class. See which one you enjoy more. You never know you might like both.

The classes taken together can actually complement each other in many ways. For instance, strengthening the core in your Pilates class will give you better balance in your yoga class and gaining more flexibility in your yoga class will help you advance in your pilates class.

The question of which is better all depends on the individual as both practices have their own set of excellent benefits. So give each one a try and see which team you’ll be on!



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