Pilates 5-Week Start Up

Step confidently into the world of Reformer Pilates with HealthSPORT’s Pilates 5-Week Startup, a dedicated series crafted for those keen on mastering the basics and achieving tangible fitness results.

Enhanced Core Strength

Pilates extensively focuses on core muscles, aiding in developing a strong, well-toned midsection.

Improve Flexibility

Through consistent training, Pilates helps to increase the range of motion in muscles and joints, leading to improved flexibility.

Better Body Alignment

Pilates encourages the alignment of the spine and strengthens the muscles that support good posture, assisting in the correction of imbalances and promoting a more upright carriage.

Program Details

Two Locations

HealthSPORT By the Bay: Tuedays & Thursdays @ 5:30 PM
HealthSPORT McKinleyville: Monday & Wednesday @ 12:30 PM

Exclusive Savings

Over 60% off of a Reformer 10-Pack of Sessions! Learn the Basics and tryout Pilates Reformer while saving, minimal investment for maximum results!

Foundation for growth

This startup program acts as a stepping stone if you aspire to take up more advanced levels of Reformer Pilates, setting a solid foundation for future growth.

Limited Spaces Available!

More Reasons to try our Pilates 5 Week Start Up

No more wondering about the Reformer, Experience the Pilates difference with this Reformer Beginner Series

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$ 169
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$ 199
  • Introduction to Reformer
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Past Reformer Start-Up Testimonials

What people say?

I always wanted to try the Reformer but I never did much Pilates. After the first 5 Weeks of learning how to use the machine and the different things we can do on it, I am HOOKED! Can barely go a week without getting a Reformer class in, my body has never felt so GOOD!
Jumpstart Reformer Member
I'm not flexible at all! I was told I needed to work on my flexibility and it was suggested to try this out. I wasn't too sure about doing pilates, let alone this machine but man! I don't think my legs have ever felt so loose and relaxed even after a killer core workout!
Reformer Refresh member


Limited  Spaces available!

Registration will close when classes fill up. First Come first Serve! Don’t miss out on this highly sought after introduction to Reformer!

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