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Dreaded heartburn, that feeling that often arises in the belly and travels up the throat creating an acid-like sensation. In extreme cases some people report “tasting” and belching from heartburn symptoms. It’s alway best to try natural hearburn remedies first before reaching for the pill box. Check out these favorite yoga poses to reduce heartburn and improve digestion.


Natural Heartburn Remedies: Top Yoga Poses to Soothe the Soul


Yoga helps every last part of health. Specific aspects of digestion include:

  • Improves gut physiology
  • Reduces heartburn
  • Enhances the overall digestive process
  • Helps reduce inflammation related to heartburn

Help get that physiology retrained to keep acid where it belongs with the following poses:

Tree pose

1. Stand with feet together, inner ankles and inner knees touching. Ground yourself in this position.

2. Shift weight onto your right foot. Keeping a long spine, reach to clasp your left ankle. Now place the sole of your left foot on your inner right thigh.

3. Once you feel balanced press your left foot into your inner right thigh and your right thigh into your foot to keep the center strong and aligned.

4. Square your hips forward while keeping your left knee out toward the left.

5. Raise arms up toward the sky, palms facing inward.

Cow pose

1. On your hands and knees get in a “tabletop” position. With knees directly below your hips and your wrists, elbows and shoulders will be in line and perpendicular to the floor. Center your head in a neutral position, eyes gazing at the floor.

2. Inhaling, lift your sitting bones and chest toward the sky naturally allowing your belly to sink toward the floor. Lift your head looking straight ahead.

3. Exhale your breath, coming back into “tabletop” position on your hands and knees. Repeat 10 times.


Cat pose

1. Begin on all fours like above. Press palms down into the floor with fingers spread.

2. Stretch the back of your head and neck looking downward. Lengthen your spine into a tabletop position.

3. Tuck your tailbone and top of head together toward one another. Look to the floor between your knees.

4. Press down onto the floor so you feel you are free from your shoulders. Round your spine toward the ceiling. When you inhale, bring the spine back to neutral.

5. Repeat this pose as many times as feels good to you although aiming for at least 10 repetitions is therapeutic.


Have another pose to add to these natural hearburn remedies? Use the comment section below!



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