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Everyone has heard that the early bird gets the worm and when it comes to sculpting your ideal fit body, morning workouts may be the boost you need to get up early. While not everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed before noon, starting things off with a workout can set a positive tone for the rest of your day. Just think about it, the hardest part of your day will be done before you even step foot in the office!

Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Morning Workouts


1. Give Your Metabolism a Boost

You know that sweating it out at the gym is a great way to increase your metabolic rate, so why not start your day with a little extra boost? A morning spike can easily last all day long and help you to burn more calories. Plus, you’re more likely to make better dietary choices (sorry AM doughnuts!!) when you work out in the morning.

2. Your Schedule is Wide Open

When you start your day at the gym, you’re free to fill the rest of the day with other activities. You’ve already got the hard stuff taken care of so you can make room in your schedule to have a little fun.

3. You’re More Likely to Stick with It

Starting your day off on the right foot means you’re more likely to keep going back to the gym. If you leave the hard stuff for later in the day, it’s a lot easier to keep putting it off or skipping it altogether. Morning workouts mean you always have the time to hit the gym and get your fitness game on.

4. You’ll Have More Energy

Exercise is an easy and natural way to release hormones in the brain that help fuel your day. When you start the day with a good workout, your cardiovascular system works better and more efficiently, which instantly ups your energy levels. With more energy, you’ll perform better at work, tackle all of your responsibilities head-on and have plenty of steam left to enjoy your night as well.

5. You’ll Sleep Better

Working out in the morning helps to naturally set your internal clock. With a great surge of energy and a boost to your metabolism, you have everything you need for a day full of work, school, and play. However, working out close to bedtime can disrupt your flow to the point that you simply can’t get to sleep. In fact, experts agree that you should never workout with 2 to 3 hours of bedtime. So make sure your only strenuous activities before bed involve a good book or your couch and the remote!

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