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Welcome to Episode 2 of our mini interview series! We sat down with one of HealthSPORT’s very own trainers to get a few tips and trick on how to stay motivated to workout. In addition to personalized training plans, HealthSPORT trainers offer OnPoint sessions to help maintain motivation & deliver results.  Ready to learn more about what OnPoints have to offer? Sit back, relax and enjoy!


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What Kinds of Things Do You Do to Keep Your Clients Motivated and Chasing After Their Fitness Goals?


“We establish a baseline, and then from there, we check in periodically on how the client is progressing with their baseline and whether or not they’re improving. It’s a real tangible way of showing evidence of improvement. Oftentimes, our clients will run into challenges or they’ll run into plateaus, and so it’s part of my job to help them get through those periods of time, because it happens a lot.

Usually, we review what they’re currently doing, how long they’ve been doing it, and then maybe just tweak it a little bit. It could be the time of day that they exercise. It could be the form of exercise. Just one of those little variables. We just kinda tweak it a little bit, but just knowing what they’re currently doing, how they’re doing it. And then really listening, helping them move through that and giving them some advice.”

The Bottom Line?

An OnPoint essentially gives members the opportunity to sit down and check in with a Personal Trainer. The more time a person invests in working with a Personal Trainer, the more valuable an OnPoint becomes. As the Trainer accumulates records of the member’s goals and progress they can provide better direction & support moving forward. An OnPoint is the chance to pause, reflect, evaluate, and strategize a solid fitness plan to keep you “On Point.”

More episodes from the OnPoint series with Elaine are coming soon! Stay on the lookout.

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