HS50 is strength, mobility and cardio training designed for you in 50-minute sessions. It is a full body workout led by a trainer, in a small group, at half the cost of having a personal trainer. Workouts are balanced throughout the week to include lower body, upper body, and active recovery/mobility. You will see and feel the RESULTS within your first month.

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Why Choose HS50 Training?

In fancy terms, HS50 is a periodized metabolic conditioning program, personalized for each participant in a small group environment. In basic terms, HS50 combines strength & cardio to improve your all around fitness. Each week progresses so you can literally see your results in action as the workouts become more challenging AND you can take them on confidently. HS50 is the driving force behind the methods and philosophies that set HealthSPORT apart.

Full Body Workouts

HS50 Training keeps you on target by challenging mind & muscle with full-body workouts. Compound exercises maximize fat burn & functional strength development.

Fun & Unconventional

No more boring hours staring at the display on a treadmill or elliptical! HS50 Training uses the latest & greatest pieces of equipment such as Kettlebells, Jump Ropes, Battle Ropes, TRX, & MyZone Heart Rate Monitors.

Measurable Results

Kiss fitness plateaus goodbye. After just a few weeks of invigorating HS50 Training, you’ll start to see noticeable differences in your strength and endurance!

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