What is HSP Academy?

Do you have a passion for fitness and want to take the next step? Gain the know­how and experience to pursue a career in the fitness industry with HealthSPORT Academy.

For over 20 years, HealthSPORT has raised the bar in group fitness and personal training programming. Our fitness team stays current and ahead of the fitness trends. HealthSPORT Academy offers hands on, results-oriented training that inspires and generates results. The below training programs are scheduled year round, offered at various HealthSPORT locations, and led by certified professionals.

HealthSPORT Academy offers the following:

ACE Prep Course!

Become a Personal Trainer

Learn how to become your own personal trainer and how to train others for real results. PT Prep students will be prepared to take and pass the ACE certification exam. You will learn about exercise programming, Anatomy, Physiology, and what your scope of practice is when it comes to Nutrition and Exercise advice. This course gives you an opportunity and practice actually training to apply your new knowledge and skills.

Contact Us for more information at 707-268-0935. Open to members and community.


CPR & AED Certification at HealthSPORT

This course is designed to prepare you for emergency situations that will potentially help you save someone’s life. You’ll learn how to properly use an AED and resuscitation techniques.

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