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getting back into the gymHow Do I Find the Courage to Get Back to the Gym?

There are a few reasons you might stop going to the gym and find it difficult to go back. You might suffer an injury and worry that you no longer hold the same level of fitness. You might have had a bad experience that knocked your confidence, such as dealing with a bad instructor or pushy gym-goers. Perhaps you started to feel self-conscious, and you’re worried about people judging you. Or maybe you’re scared of failure, so you’re stopping yourself from trying in the first place.


If you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself to get back to the gym, you need to find the courage that will help you get there. Here are some tips that’ll help with getting back into the gym.

Take a Friend

It’s often a lot easier to feel confident if you’re not on your own. Being with a friend can give you the courage that you need, and you can support each other in your efforts at the gym. You don’t necessarily have to share your feelings or give each other words of encouragement. Sometimes just going together is enough to help you make it through the doors at the gym and get through your workout session. Going to the gym with a friend is also a great way to hold each other accountable.

Join a Group Session

Another way to work out with others is to look for group sessions. Exercising in a group setting is a good option if you feel like there’s too much attention on you at the gym. When you’re in a class with other people, you’re not alone. Everyone else is there for the same reason as you, and you’re all doing the same thing. You have all chosen a class that’s right for you, and you will all be concentrating on your own thing. Depending on the class, the instructor might alter their instructions or the help they offer to match each person’s abilities and needs.

Focus on Yourself

You can experience a lot of anxieties about going to the gym, telling yourself that people are watching or that you’re going to fail. If you’re worried about what other people think, it’s important to tell yourself that everyone else is at the gym for the same purpose as you. They want to get on with their workout. Another tip for getting back to the gym is to remember that it’s normal to have lapses in your routine. If you stop working out for a while, it’s braver to get back to it than to give up and not return.

Make a Plan

Arming yourself with a plan will help you outline your goals, as well as have a set routine to follow. As well as deciding what you want to get out of going to the gym, create a step-by-step list of what you’re going to do when you get there. This will help you avoid the problem of arriving at the gym and not really knowing what you’re doing or where to go.


It can be difficult to get back to the gym if you’ve been away for a while. But once you have gathered the courage to go back once, it will be much easier to keep returning.


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