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Finding a reason to hit the gym can be difficult – let’s admit it, we all find reasons not to go. Finding a routine that is effective, engaging, and easy to follow is even harder.

Find something you enjoy doing and give yourself a reason to keep going, then make it consistent. Consistency is a GREAT way to measure performance. We all need to STOP making excuses and START making a difference… stop letting your fears hold you back.

Let yourself do great things! Give yourself permission to do better! Give yourself permission to BE better! Give yourself permission to be SUCCESSFUL! Ask yourself this question, “WHAT IS IT YOU LIKE TO DO” and then “DO IT”. 

“We all need to STOP making excuses and START making a difference… stop letting your fears hold you back. “

I’ll tell you mine – I love WEIGHT TRAINING! I feel like a BEAST when I lift those heavy barbells over my head or deadlift my bodyweight. My muscles start to bulge, and the definition I’ve been searching for is finally starting to show. It’s POWERFUL and CHALLENGING!

I’ll tell you what I totally DON’T LIKE – getting injured and having to SLOW IT DOWN!

hotworx-hot-yoga-1.jpgI suffered a hyperextended knee a few months back and thought I was DOOMED. All that heavy lifting that I LOVE to do was now put on hold until I healed. I was back to square one.

I needed something low-impact but still challenging enough to keep me engaged. That’s when I started HotWorx “Beyond Hot Yoga” sessions.

HealthSPORT By the Bay introduced HotWorx in July 2016. HotWorx is an innovative new fitness program based on the fusion of infrared heat and isometrics. Holding a 3-minute SQUAT in 120-degree heat is KILLER! My legs were shaking uncontrollably, and the beads of sweat started trickling down my forehead 5 minutes into the session.

HotWorx “Beyond Hot Yoga” helped me regain motivation, flexibility, strength, and confidence. I thought I was going to lose it all after my knee injury but was happy to find another solution that met my needs.

By attending HotWorx classes two times a week, I noticed the strength and range of motion in my knee started improving. I was able to maintain my weight and muscle definition and drop 2% Body Fat! Now, I’m back to heavy lifting and incorporating my new passion for HotWorx. HotWorx can be done as a warm up before I lift, as a cool down after I lift, or as a replacement workout. Now, I have NO EXCUSES!

If you still haven’t figured out what it is you LOVE TO DO, try HotWorx “Beyond Hot Yoga” – I guarantee you’ll be begging for more!



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