See More Results, Feel More Energetic, Get Stronger! Get ready for HIIT Camp, the only heart rate based interval training program in Humboldt. Burn now & up to 48 hours after you work out.


What is HIIT Camp?

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a mixture of brief, high-intensity surges of cardio exercise, followed by periods of rest. To get the most out of HIIT, you must push your heart rate above 80% of its maximum.

That’s where HIIT Camp heart rate monitor belts come in — they provide an accurate assessment of your body’s response to exercise in real time. You will literally see EXACTLY what your heart rate is while you work out. Hello, motivation!

Being able to visually see your own data means you can identify patterns during your workouts to reach the magical target heart rate zone that delivers results. Getting the most out of your fitness routine has never been easier (or more playful!)

Information is power! HIIT Camp will also allow you to access your progress at home or on your smartphone. You can opt-in to receive daily, monthly, and/or annual emails summarizing your workouts and heart rate patterns. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can be confident that you’re still taking care of your health, and you’ll have the data to back it up.

I am a big person, will I be able to keep up with this?

Absolutely! What makes this program so great is that anyone can participate. Your information is programmed into the heart rate monitor so you will be working at an intensity that is based on YOU. Our Trainers will be there to make sure that you stay safe and that you are pushing your limits, but also backing off when needed. Come join us and we will show you why these classes are so effective!

Which MYZONE Belt is Right for Me?

  • MZ-1 is best for participants who only workout in the class environment.
  • MZ-3 is best for participants who workout in various parts of the club, play sports, or don’t always have their smartphone during their workout.
  • For More Information, Click HERE.

What is the HIIT Camp Class Schedule?

All HIIT Camp Classes are 50 minutes long.

HealthSPORT Arcata:

  • Mon: 6am
  • Tues: 5:45pm
  • Wed: 6am, 10am, 12pm
  • Thurs: 5:45pm
  • Fri:  No Classes
  • Sat: No Classes
  • Sun: No Classes
HealthSPORT McKinleyville:

  • Mon: No Classes
  • Tues: 5:30am, 6:30pm
  • Wed: No Classes
  • Thurs: 5:30am, 6:30pm
  • Fri: 9am
  • Sat: 8:30am
  • Sun: No Classes

Join HIIT Camp

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