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;alskdfj.jpgMany of us indulge a little too much on during the holidays and then after it’s all over, we regret a few of the decisions we’ve made. You might be feeling a twinge of anxiety over the fact that weight gain could be the likely result.

This year, why not try something different? You don’t have to gain the weight that many people put on at this time of year. You can take control, make a few changes in your approach, and come out with your diet intact. 


Focus on the Company You Keep


focus on the company b.jpgAs you’re sitting down to eat, remember to focus on the company and having a good time. Too many people put all their emphasis on the foods they are eating and forget to acknowledge the fact that this is a time that is meant to be shared. Let food play a secondary role to spending time with the people you love. 

Put your fork down between bites and take in the company. This will slow down the speed in which you eat, which will also help to combat overeating in its tracks. If you are eating too fast, there’s a good chance you’ll overeat before your body gets the chance to register that it’s full. Give your body that chance so you know when you’ve had enough.


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