GroupX Classes


In our full-length Cycling classes, instructors guide participants through a warm-up, steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, climbs and cool-downs.

Pilates & Barre

This class focuses on further development of core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina; various props are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout.


Breathe away stress & find your inner strength. Yoga classes follow the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work in a variety of postures.


This class offers a combination of cardiovascular and strength training segments to elevate your heart rate and boost fat-burning potential.


Don’t be afraid to make a splash! Improve your cardiovascular health and increase your strength. Aqua classes are easy on your joints & challenging enough to push you to new levels of fitness.

Cardio (Dance & Step)

Get your heart rate up the fun way & scorch calories. These music-driven classes will make you sweat. No more boring jogs on the treadmill.

Silver Sneakers

Our Silver Sneakers® classes help older adults maintain control of their health & age well. Have fun with other active adults while working on strength, balance, movement, and coordination. Smiles included!