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Going green doesn’t mean you have to immediately install solar panels on your roof and start brushing your teeth with a stick. You can if you want. But there are less overwhelming things you can do immediately that count when it comes to helping out the environment. Small tweaks you make can contribute to big changes and better health for you, your neighbor and the environment.

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6 simple Stress-Free Ways to Go Greener:


1) Turn down plastic bags when you shop.

Bring your own bag or if you are only carrying a few items, don’t use a bag. Yes, some bags are recyclable. But, a scant 1% of the 100 Billion plastic bags used by people in the U.S. each year are recycled. So, BYO bag. Need an added bonus? Some stores will take an extra few cents off your bill when you bring your own bag.

2) Forego paper receipts when possible.

Opt for an electronic receipt that many stores can text or e-mail to you. Or, if it’s for a minor purchase, don’t demand a receipt. You’ll help save paper and, according to some studies, potentially save your body and the trash heap the trouble of having to deal with BPS and BPA’s, the harmful chemicals that can be found in some receipts.

3) Borrow Instead of Buying.

Chat up your neighbors and friends and explore the options. Maybe you don’t need to buy an electric air pump for the blow-up mattress you pull out once a year. See if your neighbor has one. Instead of shopping sprees, try a “share” fair with your friends. From tools to formal wear, there are benefits to borrowing items that you rarely use.

4) Carry a Carry-Out Container.

It’s helpful and healthy for both you and the environment to keep a clean glass to-go container in your car, so you don’t have to opt for a Styrofoam or plastic carry-home cartons. Many single-use containers are not recyclable. Also, chemicals from plastic, lined-cardboard, and Styrofoam can leach into your food, making those leftovers a little less healthy by the time you get them home.

5) Stop Sipping through Straws!

Single-use plastic straws not only go straight to the landfill but using one can also give you gas. So, give ‘em up. Consider them passé (so you can bypass ze gas).


6) BYO Bottle/Mug.

Bring your own water bottle, mug or cup when you leave your home and fill ‘er up with beverages you can get straight from the pitcher, carafe or fountain. You might be surprised how many places will pour coffee right into your favorite cup and give you a discount for doing so. Putting tap water in your own cup is usually free and comes with an added incentive of doing your part to shun the ubiquitous plastic water bottle. According to Forbes, humans bought 1 million plastic bottles per minute in 2017. Less than 10-percent of those bottles were recycled.

Here are some of the things HealthSPORT is doing to Go Green:

  • Strives to separate recyclables
  • Installation of low-flow shower heads at our facilities
  • Water bottle filling station to curb plastic bottle usage
  • Energy independent equipment
  • Compostable cups and containers in the cafe
  • Photosensitive lighting in Eureka




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