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We live in a world where so many factors will influence our health and longevity. Unfortunately, a lot of these factors—like our family history and to extent our environment—are not under our direct control. Fortunately, probably the number one thing that will influence your health is also the thing over which you have the MOST control:

Your diet.

Now, you may already be convinced that a healthy diet filled with whole minimally processed foods like quality animal protein, produce, and healthy fats will But if you’re looking to re-inspire your commitment to clean eating, these five benefits will definitely do the trick!

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5 Science-Backed Reasons for Healthy Eating

1. Helps fight disease.

Most of the leading illnesses afflicting people around the world, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease have been shown to be linked to (if not directly caused by) your dietary choices. Maintaining a nutrient-dense diet which gives you a broad and diverse range of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients can help you avoid disease (or better manage a chronic health problem) if it does develop by maximizing your gut and immune health and fighting inflammation.

2. Assists with faster and more sustainable weight loss.

If you had to choose between quality of food and quantity of food when it comes to losing body fat, focusing on quality of food would be your best choice. A healthy diet that emphasizes low-glycemic carbohydrates (like veggies and some fruits) as well as ample protein and fat helps your body mobilize fat stores for energy, support physical activity, and maintain weight loss.


3. Improves mood.

Eating food that are loaded with sugar and other pro-inflammatory components can disrupt your mood and contribute to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and poor concentration. Healthy food that doesn’t spike your blood sugar can also help you sleep better, and quality sleep is strongly linked with increased rates of fatigue and depression.

4. Maximizes performance and recovery.

Proper nutrition can control inflammation in the body, support muscle repair and regrowth, and help support the physiological adaptations to exercise including strength, improved aerobic capacity, and increased coordination. If you’re fueling yourself with healthy food, you’ll be able to perform better during training and competition, plus reduce the risk of injury since your connective tissues will be healthier.

5. Increases your lifespan.

Studies done on human and animal models show that healthy eating helps people live longer. Not only will your quality diet add years to your life, but it’ll also help you maintain your physical and cognitive function as you age, so you’ll achieve a higher quality of life, too.

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