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Over the years, massage therapy has become increasingly popular, and for many people, it would be the main event in their dream day off work. However, various misconceptions have been spread about massage. So, let’s get this behind us once and for all. Let’s separate truth from fiction and understand some of the ways a massage can helpful, depending on the situation.

The 5 Most Common Massage Myths:

1) A Massage is Purely a Way to Unwind

For many people, having a massage is purely a form of pampering and a way to unwind. Although relaxation is obviously one great advantage of getting a massage, there are so many other benefits!

Having a massage regularly can help reduce soreness, stiff muscles and even muscle spasms over time. It can also assist in injury rehabilitation and contribute to lowering blood pressure and heart rate, as well as relieving headaches.

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massage myths.jpg2) Massage Releases Toxins From the Body

Although a massage will help to increase blood flow through your body, there is no medical proof that it actually has any impact on the removal of toxin. The human body has its own way of getting rid of undesirable waste products.

3) A Massage in a Spa is the Same as a Sports Massage

There are many different types of massage, each playing its own role on how it soothes and relieves the body. If you are experiencing particular muscular pain from physical activity, then a sports massage may be more beneficial than an aromatherapy massage in a spa. The reason for this is because spa style massages are great for easing general stress relief, while sports massages are a huge help for athletes of any level to keep muscles and joints in top condition.

4) You Only Benefit From a Massage for a Few Hours

Although it may only feel like you’re benefiting from a massage for the rest of the day following the treatment, a qualified massage therapist will be able to work with the muscles to help reduce pain and stress for long after the massage is complete. They can ease muscular pain and even alleviate tight or swollen joints. You may only be aware of the benefits short-term, but your body is repairing without you even being aware of it.

5) Massage Spreads Cancer Cells in the Body

There is no scientific research to support this myth. However, there is research that says people undergoing cancer treatment may actually benefit from the healing touch of a massage therapist.

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