HealthSPORT & Community Service

Community service is our passion. At HealthSPORT, we believe it is our responsibility to make a positive impact and promote goodwill throughout Humboldt County. Our organization has deep roots throughout this community, acting as one of the top health and wellness providers in the area for over twenty-three years. As part of our core values, we strive to strengthen our community by supporting local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and charities.

It is our mission to show generosity to our community, encouraging active participation from community members, and supporting the success of local businesses, charities, and nonprofit groups. Our community service initiatives span far and wide to reach as many people as we can.  HealthSPORT actively sponsors, advocates and organizes local activities such as charitable runs and walks, Zumba fundraisers, wellness fairs, partnerships with public safety and fireman, and much more.

HealthSPORT is proud to be involved with the following organizations:

  • Healthy. Fit. Community
  • Humboldt’s Partner in Health
  • Supporting our youth and schools