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Are you ready for a refreshing food reset?  Take a look at Whole30.

The Whole30 official website has details. But in short, Whole30 is meant to help you explore how great you can feel without added sugars, grains, alcohol, most legumes, dairy, baked foods, junk foods, and processed foods that are often filled with carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.


Whole30 is a Short-term Programnutrition-whole30.jpg

Whole30 is intended to help you make more nutritious food choices. The intent is to eliminate junk food cravings and discover other foods that can satisfy your appetite. The program is designed to help you decrease inflammation, improve digestion and avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.

While avoiding certain foods, you’ll be eating more vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, nuts and more. The idea isn’t to substitute a more nutritious cake for regular cake. Rather, the goal is to choose something other than cake. 30 days should be sufficient to help you establish new habits.


When You Do Whole30

You won’t weigh yourself or check your waistline. Instead, the emphasis is on discovering a new way to eat. You will not be hungry for 30 days. You’ll eat to satisfy your appetite without worrying about calories. Meal plans (check this one out too) can include full, hearty plates of food from zucchini fritters to fish! You might find by the end of the month that even though your plates of food are hearty, you have lost some pounds and inches.

Before embarking on this or any program, consult your doctor. People’s nutritional needs vary, so you need to make sure the steps in this reset plan are appropriate for you. 


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If You’d Like to Give Whole30 a Try, You Don’t Have to do it Alone!

Join us. HealthSPORT will be hosting Whole30 group get-togethers so you can reap the benefits of peer support, share recipes and meal plans and bask in each other’s healthy glow.

Click here to be a part of the Whole30 support group with your friends at the club!



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