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At HealthSPORT, we’re celebrating Pilates Day this coming May 5th. We’d love for everyone to discover the amazing health benefits of this unique and challenging activity—the perfect blend of simple yet super effective!

5 Benefits of a Pilates Workout

Pilates is a type of low-impact, core-strengthening program that can be done with as little as a mat in a group class. If you’re new to this type of workout, or if you prefer a different challenge, you can also opt to take a Pilates class using insightfully crafted equipment (like the ones we’ve got at our state-of-the-art gyms).

The typical Pilates movements look a bit like basic bodyweight exercises but don’t let their simplicity fool you. Here are a few specific reasons why we and our members love this workout:

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1) You’ll strengthen your core in a novel and challenging way.

Classic moves like “the 100” are what you’ll see in a typical class, and are a bit more intense than a typical yoga flow.

2) You’ll help calm your mind through focused, mindful breathing.

Ample research shows deep breathing helps alleviate stress thanks to the oxygen-rich boost you’ll give your body and mind. A huge component of Pilates involves focusing on your breath, making it a perfect choice for a quick stress buster.

3) You’ll improve your flexibility.

Pilates movements are a great way to enhance flexibility in your shoulders and hips, improve your posture, and increase balance & body awareness (something we all need, especially as we grow older).


4) You’ll get to enjoy the process of learning a new activity or skill.

Embarking on lifelong learning can improve quality of life. And since Pilates is safe for everyone from beginners to veteran gym-goers, it’s a great way to stimulate your mind and body by trying something new.

5) You can easily and effectively modify the workout to meet your needs.

A trainer can help you figure out a way to adjust a Pilates class so you can fully participate given your specific status, such as if you’re pregnant or living with a chronic health condition.

Interested in trying out a Pilates class for yourself? Stop by one of our locations or call us to find a class near you!

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