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Looking to build muscle tone and strength in the gym, but having a hard time working up the courage to hit up those weight machines? If so, you could be missing out. By learning some basic moves on a few of the most common weight machines, you can knock out a total-body workout. And we promise: those machines aren’t as intimidating as they seem! Let us walk you through a beginner’s machine workout that will target every major muscle group from head to toe.

Your Go-To Beginner Machine Workout

Lower Body: Seated Leg Press

(10-12 reps on a lighter weight)

Let’s start with the seated leg press, which is the go-to lower body machine for many. This machine effectively targets the glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads!

Simply select your weight load, then sit down and place your feet flat on the press plate in front of you while holding the grab bars to your sides. Then, use your lower body to push the plate out away from you before slowly returning to your start position.

Repeat for several reps until you feel the burn!

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Core: Ab Crunch Machine

(10-12 reps starting with a low resistance)

beginner-machine-workoutBlast that core with the ab crunch machine, a versatile machine that allows you to target the abs and obliques in ways that traditional crunches and sit-ups simply cannot. For best results, begin with a light resistance on this machine until you have the motions mastered. Too much weight and you could easily injure yourself by pulling a muscle.

To work this machine, sit down and place your feet under the provided pads while gripping the handles above you. Next, using your core, lift your legs up at the same time that you draw your arms towards you, exhaling as you contract your body.

Inhale as you return to the starting position and repeat.

Biceps and Triceps: Chest Press

(8-10 reps, starting with a lower weight)

The chest press is another easy-to-use machine that targets several muscle groups at once: the chest, biceps, and triceps.

To work this machine, sit down and place your feet on the plates in front of you. Grab the bars to either side of you and use your chest and arms to press outwards, exhaling as you do. Then, slowly return to the starting position and repeat as desired.

Back and Shoulders: Lat Pull-Down Machine

(8-10 reps, starting with a lower weight)

Working the back and shoulders can be difficult, but the lat pull-down machine makes it happen.

Beginners using this machine should start by sitting down on the seat provided and grasping the bar with an under-grasp, which is easier than an over-grasp. Then, simply pull the bar down towards you as your arms move back and to the sides. You can target different areas of the back and shoulders by bringing your hands closer together or spreading them further apart on the bar, making this a super versatile exercise!

Go through this set of 4 workouts 3X total for an awesome full-body workout!

HINT: For added energy and motivation, give one of these Spotify workout playlists a try, too.



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