Birth Body Workshops

Prepare your body for birthing and a strong postpartum recovery with three virtual workshops made just for you, mama! Each workshop is one-hour long and starts with a short talk followed by a movement series to help engrain the new information.

• April 13th, 20th, and 27th at 10:00am
• Hosted Virtually on Zoom
• Led by physical therapist Dr. Annick Lamb
• Open to members & the community
• Cost: $75 for three workshops, $25 for one workshop

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Workshop Details

Each workshop focuses on a different part of the journey into motherhood.

Workshop 1: Move
Tuesday April 13th at 10:00am

– Connect with the abs and pelvic floor
– Breathing strategies for core function
– Techniques for lifting, carrying, and bending

Workshop 2: Birth
Tuesday April 20th at 10:00am

– Preparing the body for birthing
– Perineal massage
– Birth positions & pushing concepts

Workshop 3: Heal
Tuesday April 27th at 10:00am

– Fourth trimester preparations
– Connecting with the body after birthing
– How to resume exercise postpartum

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