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battle ropes

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to amp up your stale workout routine, ditch those weights and grab some weighted ropes. Once relegated to the world of martial arts, battle ropes has recently gone mainstream. The trendy workout approach is especially ideal if you need to let off a little steam at the gym. Unleash your fury on those ropes — the more you do battle, the stronger you’ll grow.

How To Decide if Battle Ropes Are For You

Routine Change

After reaching a plateau with weight training, it can be tempting to move up to heavier weights. However, depending on your current progress, this could place you at risk of injury. Rope battle gives you a new way to confuse and challenge your muscles without loading on excess weight and compromising your form. The mental challenge of — literally — learning the ropes will also keep you engaged.

Arm and Core Strength

There is an element of cardio in any battle rope workout, but the biggest physical benefits involve significant gains in arm and core strength. The entire time you whip those ropes, your core is engaged.You can increase or decrease the intensity of the activity by adjusting the size of the rope and the amount of slack. For an especially hardcore workout, choose a thick rope and stand near the anchor point.

Although battle ropes primarily target the upper body, it is possible to also incorporate lower body movement. Target your legs by lunging or squatting as you handle the ropes. You can also use battle ropes as an isolated segment of a circuit course and focus on other muscle groups during the remainder of the circuit.

It’s time to end that workout slump once and for all. Hit the gym and grab the end of two ropes. Let that warrior mentality overtake you as you whip those ropes to your heart’s delight. This addition to your workout routine will increase both physical and mental toughness, all while giving you something to look forward to at the gym.


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