You will receive tons of health benefits by just spending 10 to 15 minutes per day in a steam room. Now you have an excuse to treat yourself… who doesn’t like a little downtime to relax and rejuvenate your health?

Our Latest and Greatest Upgrade: The Steam Water Filter

A few amazing benefits of our upgraded steam room include: Increase in blood flow and circulation, stiff joints and muscles will naturally relax, stress reduction, relief from allergies and arthritis, eliminating toxins, boosting immune systems, and improving complexion.

With the installation of an innovative Steam Water Filter or Water Conditioner, you can continue to receive all the great health benefits with the cleanest of clean steam. As an added benefit, units with a steam water filtration system, will have less down time.

The good news is, the HealthSPORT Arcata club has steam rooms in both the Men’s and Women’s showers for members to use. Both with newly installed filters so you can enjoy your filtered steam.

Just ask Robert C. He had this to say after breathing in the new steam: “Thanks for making this upgrade, which really adds to the benefits and eliminates the chance of negative side effects… Cleaner too.”

HealthSPORT is always looking for healthy and innovative ways to create a better experience for our members. Let us know what you think.



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  • Clean steam is important, however there is a lack of steam being produced in the men’s steam room once the room heats up. So while the room is actually hot – there is often little to no steam in the room. To increase the quantity of steam in the room – members have taken to pouring/splashing colding water on the sensor’s cover, other’s have wrapped cold paper towels or rags around the sensor unit. The resulting increase in the level of steam using these methods is anywhere from satisfactory to incredible (depending on one’s application of the above remedies). But, if the sensor was just calibrated to maintain a sufficient (higher) quantity steam in the steam room, then these stop-gap measures would not be needed and there would not be wads of paper towels all over the room; as is the often the case when I use the room later in the evening.

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