HealthSPORT Swim School

Get your kids ready for the water! Our aquatics program teaches swimming lessons for kids of all ages and abilities. They’ll have a blast playing water sports and learning all kinds of techniques to make them better swimmers. Your kids are going to love our program so much, we bet you’re going to have a tough time getting them out of the pool!

Private Swimming Lessons

No matter what kind of swimmer you are, our private one-on-one lessons will help you further develop your skills. From beginners to triathlon trainers, our instructors will provide you with the guidance you need to enhance your strokes and guide you through the water with ease.


Group Swimming Lessons

Baby Swim

There’s nothing more bonding and fun than bringing your little one to the pool. In this class, both parent and child will enjoy activities together. You’ll both learn a few great skills in the water:

  • Introduction to the pool
  • Parents learn about water safety
  • Little ones learn balance
  • Practice getting comfortable in the water
  • Tots enjoy splashing around
  • Fun for parents and children

Tiny Swimmers

Introduce your little one to how much fun it is playing in the water with other small children. This class is suitable for any level of swimmer. We’ll cover:

  • Entering and exiting the pool using steps and side railing
  • Blowing bubbles in water
  • Front float and back float (while supported)
  • Exploration of Front Stroke and Back Stroke arm movement
  • Demonstrate kicking while supported

Learn to Swim

Nothing gives you more peace of mind than knowing your child can swim. This class gives kids the skills they need to have fun but also to be safe in the water. They’ll learn how to:

  • Hold breath underwater
  • Float on front and back (unsupported)
  • Side of pool exit
  • Front and back crawl arm action
  • Front and Back Glide (2 body lengths)
  • Explore Treading Water
  • Swim on Front & back (5-10 feet)
  • Life jacket movement skills in water and Water Safety for swimmer in distress

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Intro to Strokes

This class is great for kids with basic and intermediate swimming skills. Your child will learn to feel comfortable in the water, and have fun! We’ll focus on teaching them to:

  • Submerge and retrieve objects (independently)
  • Introduction to side breathing and breaststroke arm action
  • Back Crawl, Butterfly Kick, Breast Stroke Kick
  • Elementary Backstroke

Stroke Development

Great for older children & teens looking to perfect their strokes. This class teaches advanced skills, showing your child how to:

  • Jump into water from side of pool
  • Submerge and retrieve objects (independently)
  • Bob with head fully submerged
  • Rotary Breathing (5x)
  • Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Butterfly Stroke (15-Yards)
  • Jump in water wearing life jacket and Demonstrate H.E.L.P. position & Huddle (1-Minute)

Youth Swim Club

This class is a non-competitive swim team for kids between 6-16 years old. They’ll work with our coaches to further develop a variety of strokes to help them become accomplished swimmers. Kids will learn how to:

  • Refine their current skills
  • Practice freestyle, breast & back strokes
  • Build up their endurance
  • Promote confidence in the water
  • Enjoy a fun group experience and make new friends