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Succeeding in any area of life requires the right fitness mindset, and this is true for fitness as well. Do you have a fitness mindset? The following 6 tips can help you to cultivate the best beliefs and attitudes for lasting fitness success:

6 Tips for Cultivating a Fitness Mindset

1. Get Clear On Your Motive

Every project needs a driving force, and this applies to sticking with a fitness plan as well. Yes, you know working out and eating right is good for you, but what’s your larger motive? Whether it’s more energy to play with your kids, a higher quality of life with your spouse, or just knowing you’ll look and feel great every day, get clear on what drives you to work out and stay connected with it. (Tip: Make it a positive motive versus anything negative or “revenge”-based.)

2. Use Visualization

All great accomplishments start as an idea, and thought forms have momentum and energy. They are the seeds of your future reality. Start visualizing yourself at your ideal weight, fitness and level of health. Even if you have a way to go, start seeing yourself as a fit person who naturally does what it takes to maintain your desired look and level of health. Picture it as vividly as possible as often as you can. Before you know it, you will look in the mirror and see that ideal image reflected back to you!

3. Build in Rewards

The knowledge of a payoff can be highly motivating. Be sure to build in rewards for yourself at specific milestones or phases of success, such as losing a certain amount of weight or bench pressing a goal amount. A reward might be a night out with family or friends, or a small purchase you’ve budgeted for.

4. The Buddy System

Another powerful component of a fitness mindset is having support. A workout partner could be one source, as could a supportive spouse or friend. You can also hire a personal trainer and/or nutritionist to be on your team for motivation and guidance.

5. Spice it Up with Variety

A “workout rut” can derail your progress and motivation, so try not to let yourself get into one. Variety in training can keep you inspired and engaged both in terms of your muscles and your mindset. Mix it up with different activities as well as different ways to perform that activity. If you primarily train in a gym, work out outdoors once in awhile when weather allows. If you normally pump free weights, try a kettlebell workout or one that focuses on circuit training.

6. Quantum Effects?

Numerous experiments have shown that belief is key to how effective your workouts can be. A Harvard study of hotel maids who were told their normal work duties could help make them fit tended to be fitter over time than those who were told there were no extra health benefits to their work. Weight trainers who clearly visualized their workouts regularly instead of physically doing them still gained muscle mass.

Mindset counts! Experiment with imagining the “burn” of your favorite workout movements between workouts. Start seeing all of the physical activity you engage in throughout your day as highly beneficial. Picture your own metabolism as an optimal, finely-tuned calorie-burning machine. You just never know where a fitness mindset might take you!



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